Life Is Uncertain

Never trust your current happiness, and never fear you future struggles

Take It Easy

If you are meant to do it, you can do it

Presentation On Youth Issues

National Youth Forum 2015, Thimphu

Visit To Bhutan Postal Museum

It Was The First Time, It Was The Fun Time

Three Idiots

No one of us can really do what we seem to do

Who Took The Girl's Life

From a recent incident, all of us understood that it was a great loss on the girl’s ephemeral life. What’s more heart touching is to know the fact that she’s a school going girl.

All the people who aren’t familiar with the case put the blame upon the teacher [who was caught to have murdered the girl’s life which he accepted]. And they talk behind the teacher’s back… But some people who remain not far away from this place [where the incident occurred] have observed that the teacher is not to be blamed in anyway.

I have ample of friends (classmates) who were under that teacher some years back. They went to see him in the detention room last time and came back with wept eyes. What’s more tragic in life?

Who caused the thing to happen?

Only two people know the answer: One is God. And another one is the teacher himself.

So probably, I don’t think we have to poke our nose and spread the mucus anywhere.

Who knows? If I were in that teacher’s soul, I would have done something even worse! Who knows?

The Problems With CBB App

It hasn’t been long since I installed the CBB app. But I have found things which needs immediate change in order to have better experience. (Pictures are at the bottom).

The blogs and the posts which appear here are non-relevant to what I really have to write or what I really mean. I screenshot from three blogs: Passu Diary, Damcho’s NOTEBOOK and Bhutan The Land OF Thunder Dragon. I acknowledge.

And by writing this post, I am not at all criticizing the maker of this app but little suggestions don’t harm so please: no hard feelings.

1.      Incomplete view of posts

In my case, I am discouraged when I read a wonderful post and all of a sudden, the words go off. So if the full post can be viewed, it would not only serve well to the reader but also attract for the writer.

2.      Incomplete blog name

It doesn’t matter much but then who would like to not know the name of the blog they are reading? If the blog name at the top goes on Marquee effect; moving left to right or maybe vice versa, then the full bog name can be made out.

3.      Colour incompatibility

This needs intense attention! I can hardly read the white letters on white background. This is completely a reader’s sigh.

4.      Incomplete widget

Also not so important; But for me, I am a widget fan and I want to see the blogs hanging around my screen. But incomplete view of title or the blog has just made me to remove it.
Incomplete Post

Incomplete Blog Name

Colour Incompatibility

Incomplete Widget