Life Is Uncertain

Never trust your current happiness, and never fear you future struggles

Take It Easy

If you are meant to do it, you can do it

Presentation On Youth Issues

National Youth Forum 2015, Thimphu

Visit To Bhutan Postal Museum

It Was The First Time, It Was The Fun Time

Three Idiots

No one of us can really do what we seem to do

7 Best Things You Can Do On Internet

I can’t bear the ache of seeing Facebook taking away all the time and data in the expensive mobile phones of our Youth, and generally one-sixth of the planet, statistically. For some people, Facebook is the internet or internet is the Facebook. As soon as they connect to internet, it’s only Facebook they access till they disconnect to internet. But there are other more productive, amazing and beautiful things that everyone can do using internet.

1.    Read free books
One mesmerizing app I have in my cell phone is Amazon Kindle. It’s true that we must buy books from its store. But I don’t. It may be illegal but I download freely the eBooks from some websites I search using Google. That’s possible (for your kind information). And yes, every book can be freely downloaded. And again for your information, I am reading the eBook, “The Sun Also Rises” by Hemingway. If his book is available freely somewhere in the internet, let alone others.

2.    Blog
You can freely create a blog, which is like your portfolio that you maintained when you were in high school. You can write something, beautify with some pictures and even upload some videos you create. And basically, the difference is you can get audiences. And by the way, you are reading someone’s blog. You may attack me with a question that it’s same as writing something or posting a photo in Facebook and Instagram. But the differences are; every blogs have a unique URL and people can directly visit you, blogs allow you to have people view articles the way you like to show them, blogs make people interested in your works more than Social Media does.

3.    It can employ you
Well, I always wanted to learn computer programming languages. I came through a website called FreeCodeCamp where I have learned HTML and CSS till date. And you know what? After completing their courses, they provide us with certificates which allows us to work in companies in foreign countries. I am waiting for that day. So have you ever thought internet can employ you? Yes, it can.

4.    Learn what you like
Bought a Guitar but need a teacher? You don’t. YouTube is the key. I learned guitar back in class six. That’s when I always used to go to father’s office, download a heavy load of Guitar Tutorials, then when the person the video says you to do as him, he becomes your teacher. That way, you can brush the future that you can’t stop from arriving. Using internet, you can learn how to bake a cake, open a bakery and that’s it. How’s the idea?

5.    Become an online Kapil Sharma
I don’t watch his show by the way. I don’t understand Hindi. Maybe I should use internet to learn Hindi. Coming to the point, you can create your own reality show using internet. Ryan Higa is a popular Asian who touched worldwide audiences with his funny videos on YouTube. I watch him every single time. You can be a star using internet. The difference between the videos you may share on FB and YouTube is that the videos you upload on FB remains in a constricted circle but the videos on YouTube are encircled with large amount of audiences.

6.    Explore the world virtually
Using Google Earth, you can see the world on your palm. If you love seeing different places, why don’t you just download the app and travel virtually to United States. You can see the 3D buildings and structures. You can see how streets are, where the roads lead to and maybe how their environments are comparing to theirs. It is really satisfying to see the world outside ours virtually.

7.    Become a freelancer
There are websites which let you be a journalist to their company. You can be a researcher too. And interestingly, they will pay you. You can even write your short novels and distribute using internet. Maybe if luck favors, you may be called by someone else who will sponsor to publish your book for real. The only limit is the sky. There are real happenings like this.

Now get off Facebook and do something useful!

Becoming 18 in Storm

“Happy Birthday to you…” sung the melodies by my friends, 12 midnight of 21st August 2016. I didn’t really understand whether I was excited for my Birthday or whether I was worried about what life has for me next to challenge my weakness. This year is, honestly, the year that somewhat I didn’t feel like surviving. Almost on the verge of giving up but being caught by the powerful words my Dad always had for me. Said life isn’t easy, and life isn’t supposed to be easy.

I don’t know what went wrong in the middle of the way. All I wanted to do was make 2016 my year and convince people what I am worth. I already failed. Or maybe I am worth nothing at all. Oh, no! This aren’t the things my Dad wanted me to think. He wants me to believe in myself because he has seen my potential. I am too young to lose hope. I only began my early adulthood yesterday.

Mother is uneducated but has values worth more than those who did PhD. Her words are of no less meaning. She is the one who suffered 18 years ago to bring me in this bitter sweet reality. She suffered for me because she knew I could be of little help to few people when I live as a person. For that, I remain lucky to have both the parents in the first place.

Hell will always come before we grow. I made a resolution to hold on to these words, “I will always smile to problems”. Well, I saw it important because of all the situations I am facing at the moment. I don’t know why I deserve all these, all these down-looks from people who once trusted me when all I pray to god is to flourish happiness to all beings on earth. I lost their trust and that is what kills me often. When they look at me, they don’t see me. They see my mistakes, faults and failures. I realized how easy it is to destroy in one day all the mountains of incredible impressions we created on people taking years and years long. 

Facebook account also remains deactivated because I heard and saw people who were peeping through and bringing my FB opinions and stuffs to the real world to create a mess.

I wish I could express how sorry I am to some people I thought I loved but what I really did was bring those sorrows and stresses in their days. I wish I could express how sorry I am to people who saw me becoming a different man they didn’t like each passing day. I promise, it was never up to me to become what I became. No one will want to become someone hated by everyone. Everyone will want a good name and story among society. So am I and all I wanted was a good impression to people. But all I have, now, is nothing.

I am entering 18 with broken hopes, lost trusts and torn impressions when all I wanted was to enter it becoming a powerful man I wished all night. I am done with life and I will wait what life has for me next. I will work hard to build once more the good man I was some years back. But I swear once more, it was never up to me to become who I became. And it will never be up to me to become who I want to be.

Maybe someday, everyone will feel how I felt, go through the rough path I am walking through at the moment. They will realize they can do nothing about it just like life wanted me to enter 18 in storm.

7 Things That Humankind Must Learn From Animals

We believe our own kind to be phenomenal. Modernisation has drastically changed our world over a few decades. We can think, feel, invent, discover... and it goes on. There isn't a thing we cannot do while some people even planned to live on Mars, or are they already there? The irony is that, at the present moment, we aren't sure about ourselves but we choose to understand others.

Human beings are everywhere but humanity is very rare. And for some reason, there are ample of things that mother nature tries to teach us, through arrogance and kindness, yet we never learn. Here, I tried to collect seven priceless lessons that animals teach us:

1. Faithfulness

Marriage and Love are something I don't know, to be honest. But I can understand for many times a man says 'I Love You', to different ladies and same thing happening oppositely. Marriages don't last too long in this modern era. 

But Swans mate for life. Their loyalty to their mate is so storied that the sight of two swans swimming with their necks entwined forming the image of a heart has become the universal symbol of Love. Not only Swans but there are so many animals who are together forever and dedicate life for each other.

2. Loyalty

Did you watch the movie Hachiko? It's based on true story about a dog adopted by a professor and the extraordinary loyalty shown by the dog even after nine years of the professor's death. 

Shortly, Hachiko always waits for the professor at the train station after work hours. But the sudden demise of professor becomes unnoticed to Hachiko and there begins the NINE years waiting! 

Wikipedia says, '
During his lifetime the dog was held up in Japanese culture as an example of loyalty and fidelity. After Hachiko's death, he continues to be remembered in worldwide popular culture with statues, movies, books, and appearances in various media.' 

3. Thankfulness

The dog whom you may have helped when it is hit by a car, or the dog you have given a plate of rice or a piece of bread, will never be the dog who bites you someday. Do one good thing to it, and it will follow you for the rest of your life trying to protect you. 

But when it comes to human beings, we are not afraid of the enemy who try to kill us, but rather we are frightened of friends who try to hug us from behind. No matter how much good you do to a man, you will never know the day he will betray you.

4. Desireless

Animals live for common reasons; to find food, remain healthy, breed, and care for young. They don't have any high desires that put them emotionally down. We as a human being are too attached and in the way trying to pursue it, we lose everything we have.

We live to make a change. And the change for worse.

5. Moving On

Animals also suffer grief, loss, misfortune but they never seem to be giving up life. Life for them is important to live though it troubles them. We never see them bowing down all day because they had a bad past. 

We always say, "You Only Live Once". It is easier said than done. Some live like they are never going to die, then they die like they have never lived.

6. Sameness

No, they don't look same but they feel same. They are not into Buddhist thinking, Christian thinking or Hindu or Muslin. They can never be racists because they can never feel different about each other. 

Colours are nothing other than an optical illusion for them. 

7. Have a Job

Every year, goats are hired by Google to graze the grasses. Same is done by Yahoo!

Now goats began to work at Google and Yahoo but here we are jobless. So animals teach us, you don't always need Degree to work in great companies. Have a hope, have a job.

Poison In Heart

As soon as Wangchuk got into his job, he married a girl, Zangmo. They lived in a beautiful place of Chemkhar, the east of Bhutan. Having raised by his only mother, he decided to keep his mother with them.

Wangchuk always struggled negotiating all the pointless quarrels between his mom and Zangmo. He always tried to avoid the circumstance, but it all went no use.

One day, Zangmo’s deep revulsion caused her to think about furtively murdering her mother-in-law. She went up high to a mountain where a Lama lived.

“Lama, please help me.” she begged.

“What is it?” Lama asked.

“I want to murder my mother-in-law.”

“Why so?” said Lama gently.

“She has always been the cause of unhappiness between me and my husband.” cried Zangmo.

“I can help you. Do as I say.”

“Okay Lama”

“I will give you a poison. You must take it home and put a drop of it in your mother-in-law’s plate every meal. She will die gradually.”

“Thank you, Lama”

“But remember, from today onwards be good to her. Wash her clothes. Serve her meals. Talk good to her. And never reply to her with any anger and frustrations. That way, when she dies, no one will suspect you to be the murderer.”

“Thank you so much Lama”

Zangmo happily went back home carrying what the Lama gave her.

From the next day, she did as the Lama said. She washed her clothes. She served her every meals putting a drop of poison every time. She always talked good to her no matter how harsh her mother-in-law shouted at her. She always acted like she loved her mother-in-law.

Days went by and slowly, her mother-in-law also began to stop shouting at her. Their good relation began to grow and Wangchuk also had better days then.

Weeks, months and after some time, Zangmo liked her mother-in-law and the mother-in-law also began to love Zangmo like her own child.

Zangmo ran to Lama again.

“Dear Lama, please do me something.” Zangmo spoke in her extreme tiredness.

“Yes, what is it?” Lama replied with a giggle.

“I want something which can remove all the poisons I have ever given to my mother-in-law. I love her now. She is never the mother-in-law I have ever known. And I don’t want her to die. She is like my own mother and I want her with me everyday”

The Lama said,

“I have never given you a poison.” said with a giggle. “That thing I have given to you some months ago was just a medicine to enhance the health. I saw that the poison was already there in your heart. The day you would have begun to treat your mother-in-law like your own mother, she might have reflected your attitude and now, I bless you and family with all the happiness”

“Life is 1 percent what happens to you and 99 percent how you react to it.” – author forgotten

Just like this beautiful saying, lets all of us please treat everyone like our own parent and our own children. This is the only way we can kill so called Ego in everyone of us. Kindly share this story with your loved ones and also your hated ones.

Garab Rinpoche’s Say On Religion And Humour

Was an honour to get the privilege of clicking Rinpoche
It was such a blessing to all the people living in Zhemgang recently with visit (upon invitation) of the eminent Garab Rinpoche. By virtue of birth, Truelku Garab Rinpoche is worshipped for the legacy of great ancient figures.

With great sense of humour, Rinpoche has uttered many meaningful things. Moreover, Rinpoche shared with us a very hilarious joke.

Once, a great Lama was reciting and saying many religious things to people. After some time, when it was time for blessing, Lama showed an artifact to people and said, “Please imagine that this artifact is on your head and you are getting all the blessings”.

One man was surprised because he was unsatisfied that the artifact wasn’t actually put on his head. He stood up with his hand in the pocket which took out a Nu. 1000 note and said, “Lama, actually I thought I must offer you this money. But as you didn’t really put the artifact on our head and told us just to imagine, Lama you can also imagine that you have got this Nu. 1000 note.”

People blushed out. (Maybe those few people who understood it because Rinpoche told this in Sharchopkh.)

Lama concluded this joke telling that our heart must be the first place which gets blessed. And simple trying to get your head hit by the artifact is just as useless if the heart is not blessed.

Rinpoche has been very humourous and told us the reasons for why laughter and happiness is a necessity in religion. Rinpoche cleared us that the blessing goes in vein if our emotions are not as good as it must be to be blessed.

Rinpoche defined religion in a very formal and simple way.

“Religion is something that keeps us alive. Religion is something that gives us life and hope. Religion is something that brings us happiness and peace. We Bhutanese are a very profound believer of religion. That’s why, it feels very difficult for us to even kill a mosquito. Now realize how much it might be painful to murder someone else?”

These words made me believe in religion deeper than I have been. Till now, 90% of books I read would have been a based on religion and philosophy. Moreover, I always enjoyed reading a biography of a great religious figures.

I think magic can be done and miracles can happen!

What To Know When We Don’t Know

Social Media is very fast; maybe faster than the light-speed. And it is very big; bigger than the universe. The Facebook has changed the life of so many people, forever. It depends on each individual about how it is used, when it is used and why it is used. We believe that Social Media aims to bring people together. I doubt it is the other way round.

The darkest part of Social Media can be the using style of different generations and people. Youth tend to write their feelings and post pictures of everything that touches them. Adults tend to write about current affairs and political stuffs. 

In this 21st century, it doesn’t really make sense for teachers and parents to let the students stop using internet and its features. Rather, teaching them the behavior to be on internet could be the nicest idea. Everyone will change with time, and everyone needs to cope up with what really needs to be changed.

In a very recent case, one of our most beloved Teacher has been discriminated on Facebook. It has almost been a week he left our school for further studies. And that’s why no one knows what has actually happened unexpectedly all of a sudden. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a thing we could do than to hope for a fortune.

It makes me very curious to look at that person. Not only because I want a vengeance on him/her but also am I very curious to know who on this holy earth have time and courage to do that sort of thing.

Nothing can be sure here. Not even the occupation. But at the fist notion, everyone tend to assume him/her to be a student. But sometimes, it cannot be. It might be a teacher, or general public, maybe a dropout or a passed out! Only God knows who. Maybe even God doesn’t know because Social Media can be way too anonymous sometimes. 

It finally became too important to educate everyone, especially students, on how to survive on the World Wide Web. This is something we must know when we don’t know.

My Three Words For 2016

It is really a difficult task for everyone to hold on with their new year resolutions because their resolutions are either too long or too prolix. I better preferred to have words as my New Year resolutions.

1. Time
I have a habit of prolonging with a small task which pile up and gets hard for me to get it done. Procrastination might be the best word which describes my habit till now. It is a vilest thing that I really need to get rid of. And also the poor time management which apprehended my academic life. I must really need to rift the time I spend making music, writing songs, photograph and blog. haha

2. Focus
Our mind is faster than the speed of light. It travels from China to USA in a fraction of a second just like my eye which travels from a teacher giving lecture to a girl smiling. I’m just giving an example.

Focusing on the present moment is what Lord Buddha always taught us and what I always felt to be really important. It is really difficult. Lord Buddha would not have been a great saint if doing these things were easy. I am also a deep believer in religion because religion is an imagination, where Einstein said, “Intelligence is limited but imagination is infinite. We can become what we can imagine.”

3. Live
Not all of us live, we just survive. Living, to me, is more than simply taking in and out the Oxygen. Wake up early, cherish every moment, smile, help, love and live in the moment. I must seriously say that I didn’t really live in 2015. All I did was wake up late, show sluggish face, didn’t know how sunrise went to sunset etc. and I don’t have a rigid good story to tell about a beautiful moment in 2015.

I hope everything goes well with time. And this year is a very crucial time for me as I will be doing BHSEC exam, class twelve. I really need to manage TIME, I seriously need to FOCUS, and I must really LIVE.

7 Bhutanese People Who Motivate Me

7 Bhutanese People Who Motivate Me
Bhutan may be a small country in terms of size, but it is not-bad in terms of brains. There are many Bhutanese people who sacrifice their money, sleep, enjoyments and everything for what they are passionate about. I tend to get inspired more by what a person does than what a person says. Some people do what they are not responsible for, and that’s how our country is gradually shaped.

Here I made my own list of people whom I described well above, not necessarily with their professions but what made them my source of inspiration.

1. Mrs. Chador Wangmo [Writer]
I cannot remember all the best things I did in 2015, but I can never forget reading La Ama – A Mother’s Call. Every bits and pieces of the book carries a meaning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Her passion towards writing for children has never grew older. Everyone knows the most famous saying of Fourth Druk Gyalpo that the future of our nation lies in the hands of younger generation. And only people like Mrs. Chador actually wants our Bhutan’s future to be bright by believing what our King has mentioned time and again. She writes for the children, she writes for the future.

2. Lam Szhenphen [Youth Counselor]
Is Lama Szhenphen Bhutanese? For me, every great hearts are Bhutanese, but not every Bhutanese are great hearts. He cares about Bhutan more than Bhutanese people do. He came to Bhutan in pursuit of our King’s words I mentioned above, to take our Youth into the right direction because our future leaders tend to go crazy at times. I think everyone must thank Lam Szhenphen for his service towards the Last Shangrila.

3. Mr. Yeshey Dorji [Photographer]
His timeless love for photography and some classes he escaped to click some shots motivate some amateur photographers to sacrifice their anything for what they love. I cannot mention much about the land he sold to buy a camera. Knowing the impermanence of life and wealth, he don’t want to waste a single second in his life not doing what he wants to. It motivates not only a photographer but all the students in their journey towards becoming someone. Mr. Yeshey must be the only Bhutanese photographer, I know, who can beat some international shutterbugs.

4. Mr. Passu [Blogger]
Many Bhutanese bloggers (writers) today would not have had a blog if he didn’t exist. Seriously! Not only did he motivate all of us by the way he loves writing but also I really appreciate his bold heartedness to respond way critically to Singaporean Minister’s comment to Bhutan. And also his service to Bhutan and Bhutanese through his social service like Bhutan Toilet.

5. Mr. Chencho Gyelstshen [Footballer]
Bhutan don’t have industry for sportsmen, he don’t care. He can risk his future for what he really want to become. Life is too short to waste doing what we don’t like. Miracles don’t happen if we don’t have courage to take risks. Any person can say these things but it takes a real man to act upon. His true love for the game motivates all of us all along.

6. Mr. Dorji Wangchuk [Traveler and Magician]
Serving as an Academic Officer in RTC, knowing about his life story is nothing less than an inspiration. He is a blogger, film maker, photographer, traveler and nothing prouder for me to say than my uncle, being my Daddy’s sibling. He may not be known to the ones residing in town area, but for ample of villages, he is treated just like those people with orange Kabney because of the charity he do and the hand he lend to villages, I call him a magician.

7. Myself
Yes, myself, Lungten Wangchuk. A very long-lived motivation we get is from ourselves. If our inner light is dead, no matter how much another person try to motivate us, they cannot. For me, I am important. And for you, you are important. I motivate myself most of the time just like some people motivate themselves when they need. So all of us must never forget that the most important person in our life is ourselves because if we can’t motivate ourselves, no one can. 

National Youth Forum 2015

This article is written based on my perspective, feelings and experiences. Jotted down like a diary of my daily life, it must not apply to every participants.
It’s about the three days Youth forum held at DYS in Thimphu, participated by six youth from every youth centers in Bhutan.

28th December 2015 – Reporting Day
I don’t really remember how the day has begun but I remember how it ended. I and my band-mates were at audition for Music Spotlight, BBS. It took more time than I expected because of the registration (I didn’t know this should be done) at the gate. And we received calls from our youth madam that we must report at the DYS at 3:00 PM which we could not. Directly from BBS Studio, we (I and my friend Jamyang, the co-participant of forum) ran to DYS in tense and sweats but a taxi helped when I felt my wallet rocking in the big pocket.

After getting dropped below DYS gate, we walked in with some nervousness, so happened that it was our first time in this place. I could see familiar faces at the awning. We moved forward to let know that those people were our fellow mates from Zhemgang with our caring Youth madam (I will thank her in later part) waiting patiently for our arrival.

No sooner did we smile at our fellows than two girls of DYS came to us for hostel allocation. Out of those two girls, I am quite familiar with the one, Lekzin Dema whom I have in contact over Facebook though we never met even once before.

Then some boys guided us to the DYS hostel. But as I was nothing ready to settle in hostel, I promised our madam that I will be back from Yangchenphug (that’s where my belongings resided) in two hours after bringing some clothes and Laptop.
As promised, it happened, punctual and perfect.

The first thing I liked when I first came to DYS is the dinner. Then all the participants joined the introductory session at auditorium but to be honest, new people never got familiar enough with the session.
After that, we got a bed in the hostel, free and fine, met new friends, sang some songs with guitar, and I called it a day.

29th December 2015 – Commencing Day
The three days grand youth forum began with a………….. breakfast. Haha
Some sense of humour.
Breakfast was followed by registration of participants. Then anyone can imagine the following programs; welcome and overview of the program, presentations by two youth centers (Harmony and S/Jongkhar), then a break was set for tea and snacks.

I was nervous then! For the next set of presentations, Zhemgang was included and I was the presenter. Let’s get back to work!

So presentations were continued after break by Bajo and Tashigang. All the presentations were focusing on very similar topics of Youth Issues like drugs abuse, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, groupism, broken families etc.

So then came my turn to present on behalf of Zhemgang youth family. I began my presentation with saying a little fact (as a humour); “In olden days, house were made with the windows that can be opened easily from outside, and therefore, gentlemen used to go for night hunting. But today, the windows can’t be opened from outside, therefore, gentlemen became too reckless that they RAPE on the street.”

I also talked on same issues as other presenters. And ended my presentation by saying, “His Majesty always mention that the country’s stability depends on the hands of today’s youth. These are just words until someone comes in and gives it a meaning. So all of you, you are the meaning.”

And it was lunch which was continued by the presentations of Paro, Gelephu and Changjiji. Then recess. Phuntsholing and Mongar followed with the presentations.

The day has been quite congested though I liked it and everyone would have felt the same. Around evening 5, consolidation program was followed by bonding session where we played some games by forming groups consisting of mixture of participants from all the youth centers.
Back to dinner again. Then to bed. The day seemed longer than we lived.

30th December 2015 – Issue Discussion Day
Waking up at 6 was not a challenge due to the excitement we got for the day even though the room temperature was freezing. And breakfast again.

Till lunch was consumed by discussion of issues presented by different youth centers, tea sessions and role of youth in youth development.

After lunch was an exciting moment; Local tour. We went to Bhutan Postal Museum. It was an amazing moment to see all those stuffs, artifacts and some stories within the arts. Then all of us moved to Memorial Chorten. Some of us, who doesn’t stay in Thimphu, went to Little Bhutan. I loved it, seriously. And the night session was full of songs and dances by participants which wasn’t too catchy to eyes.

31st December 2015 – The Closing Day
Morning was exciting. We visited Buddha Point, Takin Zoo, and Ludrong Palace out of which the two places, I was reaching for the first time. Not only did I went to Takin Zoo for the first time but also I am seeing a real takin for the first time. Speechless Ludrong Palace got me and Jamyang into a tensing situation. We forgot that it was our day to Filming in BBS Music Spotlight. I received a call from the producer and, booooom, we were already late and had to cancel. But it was worth it after getting to go to places where we never reached before with people whom we never met before.

Lyonpo Mingbo Dukpa, the minister of Education was welcomed at around two o’clock. Some presenters presented him the issues which we discussed and transformed into a powerpoint. He gave us a talk, then, which almost kicked all of us to sleep.

After the meet with Lyonpo, it was already dark and we had to prepare for camp fire. I don’t know what happened at DYS then. Our band had to perform at Space 34 for the New Year Eve. It was the first time I am joining a night club. After doing some singing, we joined the floor! We shook ourselves without any reason. I don’t think someone have to really go to exercises if they come to night clubs. People jumped, shook, and never got tired. I think I lost some kg jumping for no reason there.

One very fact, I can at least say, I was the only head in the room without a drink or a cigarette. I don’t do it.

1st January 2015

So dances continued from 2015 to 2016. It was 2:00 AM and the club had to close. So I headed to DYS hostel with my mates. I thought the hostel would have been closed by now. I was completely wrong. I have hardly seen a person sleeping in the hostel. I entered in and acted drunk! Haha. Some of them believed while my fellow mate Sonam (the law captain of our shool) knew that I was just acting that way. Maybe he really know who I am. At around 5 AM, we slept.

I really really want to thank our youth madam for her impressive and care and support to us during our stay in DYS. I never felt the absence of my Mummy when I was with her.
And I wanted to thank all the people involved for their immense hospitality and fun which I made me impossible to remove it from my heart.

The morning was an emotional part. I had to say Bye to those people who became my very close friends. Tears fell, and I think it is normal. Only if we departed without feelings, that really is abnormal. I and Sonam walked together till Memorial Chorten where we departed having different way to move forward, me to Yangchenphug and him to Olakha.

Just like a sad movie ending with a melancholic background music, I can still feel the winds that blew through my cheek as I walked along Lungten Zampa.