Life Is Uncertain

Never trust your current happiness, and never fear you future struggles

Take It Easy

If you are meant to do it, you can do it

Presentation On Youth Issues

National Youth Forum 2015, Thimphu

Visit To Bhutan Postal Museum

It Was The First Time, It Was The Fun Time

Three Idiots

No one of us can really do what we seem to do


The broken dreams of Life,
And sheltered hopes of love
The freshly peed pants!
The love-ly kissed cheeks.

No, no! They weren’t the good times.
But it is right now,
After an unknown rite of passage
In my candle-like short life.

I miss the times being high
When present moments make me low
When friends become fake,
And loves become sake.

The sweat-shed won trophy dusted
Certificates wrinkled meaningless
The heartfelt helped person forgets

And life ends with the forsaken dreams.

I wish to see you all after my BBExam! :) Good Days! 

Through The Eyes Of A Reader

Around my place, I rarely see youth reading. Is there a need of a book store where youth can approach in free times? Is it the teachers or may be parents who brought you up away from books? Is it the effect of technologies? It's the hardest question anyone could answer, but there are still few people who make tonnes of effort to answer these.

A video below is a story about a girl and her true love for books! I wish if all the youth in Bhutan were like her. If you can feel what she says, you may change your mind. A gold medal for her lovely speaking.

Dare To Fail

Don't give up! Believe in yourself because (Biology taught that) you have won the ever first competition when you came to life and you are the one, the only one! Cheers! You have to leave a history! Why you even think to give up when you're almost there? Go, go, go...

The competition that you have WON PROUD-FULLY! :)