Life Is Uncertain

Never trust your current happiness, and never fear you future struggles

Take It Easy

If you are meant to do it, you can do it

Presentation On Youth Issues

National Youth Forum 2015, Thimphu

Visit To Bhutan Postal Museum

It Was The First Time, It Was The Fun Time

Three Idiots

No one of us can really do what we seem to do

Beyond The Horizon

We spend a decade and a quarter in school. We learn many different things, meet many different people, and learn many things we didn’t know. On the other side is our LIFE. But the big question is that, “Are they of two different things, school and life?” We can never come to an end of the imagination to differentiate these two beautiful things. 

In life, we aren’t allowed to talk to strangers who knock on the door, the strangers who come out of the blue. But school is the place where we talk with every stranger we meet, so that we can make friends. And that’s where, in life, we meet our unforgettable mates who leave a dot in our heart which remains throughout our life. It’s where we make our ever-lasting memories. 

In school, a lesson is learned and the test is taken. But in life, a test is taken and a lesson is learned. It’s in school, where we make mistakes through learning, but in life that we learn through mistakes. School is guided by teachers but life is guided by parents.