Life Is Uncertain

Never trust your current happiness, and never fear you future struggles

Take It Easy

If you are meant to do it, you can do it

Presentation On Youth Issues

National Youth Forum 2015, Thimphu

Visit To Bhutan Postal Museum

It Was The First Time, It Was The Fun Time

Three Idiots

No one of us can really do what we seem to do

What Would The Monk Say?

Bhutan Board of Examination.

The sound still gives me shivering. But no matter, I did it well. Something strikes my mind everytime I think about it! Let me share about per my diary...

"29th November 2014

God, please bless me. Today I'm doing one of the most important examination which may even decide my life, perhaps.

The morning, I went to a Lhakhang to offer my worship. I asked the person-in-charge (they call him Lama) of that Lhakhang for Sho - "Three Lucky Dices" which people believe that it'll decide one's accomplishment. Well, it sounds good to me,I am gonna try it out!

When I rolled it, I got an aggregate of "12". Lama said "Once more",I did it and got "12" again. Still he said the same thing and I got "14" this time. He didn't say anything. He poured some religious water on my palm. I then asked him, "What did the Sho intend about my accomplishment?", for which he replied, "You got to work hard". 


Well, no problem! Hakuna Matata (No worries)"


"14th December 2014

All of my papers went awesome especially Biology, Computer and Mathematics. But I was bit not confident in History and Geography."


"18th December 2014

I am going to Thimphu in the name of my cousin brother. I'm excited but still the Board Exam pinches in the corner of my heart"


"21st December 2014

I went to Dechenphu. I was so happy because it was my first time. I circum-ambulated the Lhakhang three times and went inside. Three prostates and I asked for the Sho. I expected for a good result this time. BUT, I got an aggregate of "4" which totally made me hope-lose. The monk told me to roll again, which gave me an aggregate of "8". And he said, "Your path is cleared". But which path? The good path or the bad one? I silently moved out of the Lhakhang and was semi-conscious. 50 percent of my mind was with the Sho and 50 percent on my foot.


My Dad, whom I was so confident in getting promoted to Dzongrab has been declared First Runners Up. As per I know, the Sho have shown an aggregate of "11" which is the best of the best result. 

SO FINALLY, the questions on my mind is:

Is the Sho really religious?  


Is it just a mathematical probability?

Lets say when I'm picking up those Dices, I quickly watch those numbers on Dices. If it sums 11, then I would simply, carefully pick it up without mixing up and keep it in the same manner. It would simply show 11 only. Then what would the monk say? 


The broken dreams of Life,
And sheltered hopes of love
The freshly peed pants!
The love-ly kissed cheeks.

No, no! They weren’t the good times.
But it is right now,
After an unknown rite of passage
In my candle-like short life.

I miss the times being high
When present moments make me low
When friends become fake,
And loves become sake.

The sweat-shed won trophy dusted
Certificates wrinkled meaningless
The heartfelt helped person forgets

And life ends with the forsaken dreams.

I wish to see you all after my BBExam! :) Good Days! 

Through The Eyes Of A Reader

Around my place, I rarely see youth reading. Is there a need of a book store where youth can approach in free times? Is it the teachers or may be parents who brought you up away from books? Is it the effect of technologies? It's the hardest question anyone could answer, but there are still few people who make tonnes of effort to answer these.

A video below is a story about a girl and her true love for books! I wish if all the youth in Bhutan were like her. If you can feel what she says, you may change your mind. A gold medal for her lovely speaking.

Dare To Fail

Don't give up! Believe in yourself because (Biology taught that) you have won the ever first competition when you came to life and you are the one, the only one! Cheers! You have to leave a history! Why you even think to give up when you're almost there? Go, go, go...

The competition that you have WON PROUD-FULLY! :)

Words To My Perfect Teacher

I saw a piece of paper near a trash! There were some words written! I can't go on without reading it. It was titled "Words To My Perfect Teacher". So...

“Try to be human being not just a teaching machine. Do not touch only a subject, but rather teach us students. Let me feel that you are interested in me as a human being not just a number in your note book.

Do not judge me by the marks I get in my test, but rather by the effort I make. Do not expect me to think of school and studies as the greatest pleasure in life. They are not at least for me. Do not expect me to prefer the subject which you teach. Other subjects may be interested too, and perhaps even more so, at least for me.

Teach me with your smile and make me feel that I'm important too, in this world. Help me to learn, study and judge myself, not just to memorize the ready-made answers. Remember, once upon a time, you were a student yourself. Did you always get good marks in your test? Did you never forget a thing? Are you perfect in anything? Did you never make a mistake?

When a teacher teaches only one subject, how can I be good in all the subjects. It may sometimes even be painful to check my exam paper full of mistakes and incorrect answers, my paper may spoil your temper, you may have expected more from me but you should also understand my situation when I did that paper. 

But one day..."

I hoped he/she continued! 

A Big Journal

It’s my story of 2009 and 2010, and a little, but memorable incidences that always flashes in my heart. I don’t really know from where I should begin because I can’t really remember the beginning, but let me share from where I messed up…

I went down the beautiful concretes, flowers along. I heard every noise of silence. I heard the knock in my mind. I knew absolutely that the day is meant for hugs and kisses with near and dear ones. Khenyel School, TashiYangtshe, is a place where I have all the roots for who I am today! It’s the place where I had my first best friend, my first lesson, my first classmate, and my first teacher. Leaving this place after 10 lively years would mean a lot to me.

Just the next day, we moved towards Rangjung, Tashigang. Tears came easy, trying hard to survive in this new scenery. New people, new friends, new teachers, and everything new became the hardest challenge. But one good thing I learned is that everything started without any problem. I mean social problems between me and others.

My memories here are immortal. One of them is certainly about a disease (?) I got about a girl. Mentioning her name would be unnecessary. But she made a turning point in my life. I can understand a little bit about what happened between Princess and the Frog, the book I read only for vocabulary and pronunciations, now making me understand a little deeper. So here, I learned that beautiful things in life isn’t taught in school but is felt and experienced at some point.

It’s destined that we are to be here only for a year.

Hearing the name, Zhemgang, has made me curious till I reached here. Everything has changed for the time.

As soon as I entered my class, someone dearly asked my name and village. After 5 minutes, one called me "Wai Sharchokpa", aiming my clan. Doesn't matter, I'm new here, I should take care of my first impression. 

Only by being in this place, I understood about a student going to bar and having a cup of Whiskey hiding from elders. I understood that everyone is after money. But I wasn't sure whether it's the change of place and people or whether I am growing up to understand all this! 

But after everything, what's important is to leave footprints everywhere we write the diary of our life. Wherever you reach, whoever you meet, it's the god's way of making you stronger because inspirations are everywhere! 

Inspirations From Uninspired

For everyone, Life is beautiful! Trouble that comes along our way are the things that brace our future. As a human being, everyone is same and equally important because nothing is good or bad, as Shakespeare states, it’s our thinking that judge things.

It's my honor to introduce Nima Dorji, a person who, by his appearance, can be identified as a special child (mentally and physically unsound).

Whenever we see him, we will never fail to spot his feeble smile. He’s got a very smooth attitude that everyone loves it. He never have a temper. He doesn’t have desires. He doesn’t have enemies.

Every hornless animal make use of him, but that’s how our world’s a chaos, when things are made to be used and people to be loved, things are loved and people are used.

Dream Comes Slow…

A Thousand of advices from everyone are nothing compared to one single word from Parent. I knew only when I failed in selection for Golden Youth Award competition. I at least expected for participating in competition, which took whole of my childhood time dreaming about it, but failed. 

Time then, my dad told me, “Sometimes in Life, failure comes as blessings”, just because he have experienced the truth. “I failed to do Masters Degree in India but now, I am certified from Canberra, Australia”.

As T. Edison said, “I never failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won't work”, I also never failed, and I just found ways in life which didn’t work. I don’t have to be sorry for it, the day has finished and I am done. I have done what I could. But as Winston Churchill said, “Sometimes, it’s not enough to do our best; we must do what is required”. 

I have learned from it. Now, the only thing I should know is, tomorrow’s a new day, so I should have A New Hope of Success, rather than THE Old memory of breakdown. Till now, God has rewarded me with many opportunities between every difficulty. Since then, I should still go on and keep believing in myself! J

The Frog Humour

I remember this moralistic humour shared by my Science teacher in 8th grade. And despite it's humourous thing, it has got a satire.

The humour goes:

A student was doing an experiment with a frog aiming "How far the frog can jump". He started with a normal frog. He commands, "JUMP" where the frog jumps 2 metre. Recorded.

Next, the student chopped off 2 legs of the frog and commands, "JUMP", in which the frog jumps 1 metre. Recorded.

Finally, the student chopped down the other two legs of the frog and observes the frog never jumping for how much ever the student commands "JUMP"

So the student concludes, "When the frog is left without any legs, the frog becomes deaf". :)

Moral (I suppose): Sometimes, In Life, you will have reached success, but you will never realize it! So Take Time To Realize! :) Life is a journey, not a destination.

Beyond The Horizon

We spend a decade and a quarter in school. We learn many different things, meet many different people, and learn many things we didn’t know. On the other side is our LIFE. But the big question is that, “Are they of two different things, school and life?” We can never come to an end of the imagination to differentiate these two beautiful things. 

In life, we aren’t allowed to talk to strangers who knock on the door, the strangers who come out of the blue. But school is the place where we talk with every stranger we meet, so that we can make friends. And that’s where, in life, we meet our unforgettable mates who leave a dot in our heart which remains throughout our life. It’s where we make our ever-lasting memories. 

In school, a lesson is learned and the test is taken. But in life, a test is taken and a lesson is learned. It’s in school, where we make mistakes through learning, but in life that we learn through mistakes. School is guided by teachers but life is guided by parents.

Little Things

In some part of our life, we realize the memories of moment which occurred in our life, memories which were innocent yet worth a treasure deep inside our heart. Lately, there was a snow fall in the west and my sister Tseten wrote a status, “Snow fall in Thimphu and it is holiday here”.

I watched through the window because it rained outside. All of a sudden, something emotional knocked my heart. Dates back to 2004, the year that I was in my pre-primary class, when our teacher used to ask in a fluent tune, “What’s the weather today?”, we respond back with a very loud, slow and tuned answer, “It is rainy today”.

Humanity As I Know

My dad and I were travelling a journey, a half-day journey, in an Alto car. On the mid-way, we met an old man signaling his hand which indicated that he want to travel in a car. I was expecting my dad to keep on moving but he stopped suddenly. And talked to the man, “Gatey joni Appa?” And that man was also destined to the place where we were travelling. The man seemed like a cheese and butter seller because the car was diffused with that smell in a little while as the man entered.

We reached the destination and the man was so happy. In the return journey, I asked my dad, “Appa, why did you stop for that man when no car stops for him? He even smelled terrible”. Dad smiled and advised, “Dates back to the late 90s, your grandfather was a very poor man who always use to serve the family by selling cheese and butter.

Good Teacher opposed to Kind Teacher

“…writing this article doesn’t imitate at all criticism to any of the teachers…”

I woke up early in the morning with a slight cough and cold. My dilute eyes, runny nose, and drowsy head, made me no atmosphere to head towards school. But believing that I would learn something, or maybe do something, I prepared towards school.

As a student, I have to be in an appropriate uniform whether I am healthy or unwell. So I wore my Gho, put on my socks and laced my shoes. Reaching school, everyone seemed pathetic looking to my feeble face. “Zo atsara bo za zaw zum thom mey sa, Lungten”, one of my funny mate bluffed. From the way he said, I can make out that he’s trying to make me smile. So even if I don’t want to, for the God’s sake, I smiled at him.