Life Is Uncertain

Never trust your current happiness, and never fear you future struggles

Take It Easy

If you are meant to do it, you can do it

Presentation On Youth Issues

National Youth Forum 2015, Thimphu

Visit To Bhutan Postal Museum

It Was The First Time, It Was The Fun Time

Three Idiots

No one of us can really do what we seem to do

Garab Rinpoche’s Say On Religion And Humour

Was an honour to get the privilege of clicking Rinpoche
It was such a blessing to all the people living in Zhemgang recently with visit (upon invitation) of the eminent Garab Rinpoche. By virtue of birth, Truelku Garab Rinpoche is worshipped for the legacy of great ancient figures.

With great sense of humour, Rinpoche has uttered many meaningful things. Moreover, Rinpoche shared with us a very hilarious joke.

Once, a great Lama was reciting and saying many religious things to people. After some time, when it was time for blessing, Lama showed an artifact to people and said, “Please imagine that this artifact is on your head and you are getting all the blessings”.

One man was surprised because he was unsatisfied that the artifact wasn’t actually put on his head. He stood up with his hand in the pocket which took out a Nu. 1000 note and said, “Lama, actually I thought I must offer you this money. But as you didn’t really put the artifact on our head and told us just to imagine, Lama you can also imagine that you have got this Nu. 1000 note.”

People blushed out. (Maybe those few people who understood it because Rinpoche told this in Sharchopkh.)

Lama concluded this joke telling that our heart must be the first place which gets blessed. And simple trying to get your head hit by the artifact is just as useless if the heart is not blessed.

Rinpoche has been very humourous and told us the reasons for why laughter and happiness is a necessity in religion. Rinpoche cleared us that the blessing goes in vein if our emotions are not as good as it must be to be blessed.

Rinpoche defined religion in a very formal and simple way.

“Religion is something that keeps us alive. Religion is something that gives us life and hope. Religion is something that brings us happiness and peace. We Bhutanese are a very profound believer of religion. That’s why, it feels very difficult for us to even kill a mosquito. Now realize how much it might be painful to murder someone else?”

These words made me believe in religion deeper than I have been. Till now, 90% of books I read would have been a based on religion and philosophy. Moreover, I always enjoyed reading a biography of a great religious figures.

I think magic can be done and miracles can happen!

What To Know When We Don’t Know

Social Media is very fast; maybe faster than the light-speed. And it is very big; bigger than the universe. The Facebook has changed the life of so many people, forever. It depends on each individual about how it is used, when it is used and why it is used. We believe that Social Media aims to bring people together. I doubt it is the other way round.

The darkest part of Social Media can be the using style of different generations and people. Youth tend to write their feelings and post pictures of everything that touches them. Adults tend to write about current affairs and political stuffs. 

In this 21st century, it doesn’t really make sense for teachers and parents to let the students stop using internet and its features. Rather, teaching them the behavior to be on internet could be the nicest idea. Everyone will change with time, and everyone needs to cope up with what really needs to be changed.

In a very recent case, one of our most beloved Teacher has been discriminated on Facebook. It has almost been a week he left our school for further studies. And that’s why no one knows what has actually happened unexpectedly all of a sudden. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a thing we could do than to hope for a fortune.

It makes me very curious to look at that person. Not only because I want a vengeance on him/her but also am I very curious to know who on this holy earth have time and courage to do that sort of thing.

Nothing can be sure here. Not even the occupation. But at the fist notion, everyone tend to assume him/her to be a student. But sometimes, it cannot be. It might be a teacher, or general public, maybe a dropout or a passed out! Only God knows who. Maybe even God doesn’t know because Social Media can be way too anonymous sometimes. 

It finally became too important to educate everyone, especially students, on how to survive on the World Wide Web. This is something we must know when we don’t know.