7 Things That Humankind Must Learn From Animals

We believe our own kind to be phenomenal. Modernisation has drastically changed our world over a few decades. We can think, feel, invent, discover... and it goes on. There isn't a thing we cannot do while some people even planned to live on Mars, or are they already there? The irony is that, at the present moment, we aren't sure about ourselves but we choose to understand others.

Human beings are everywhere but humanity is very rare. And for some reason, there are ample of things that mother nature tries to teach us, through arrogance and kindness, yet we never learn. Here, I tried to collect seven priceless lessons that animals teach us:

1. Faithfulness

Marriage and Love are something I don't know, to be honest. But I can understand for many times a man says 'I Love You', to different ladies and same thing happening oppositely. Marriages don't last too long in this modern era. 

But Swans mate for life. Their loyalty to their mate is so storied that the sight of two swans swimming with their necks entwined forming the image of a heart has become the universal symbol of Love. Not only Swans but there are so many animals who are together forever and dedicate life for each other.

2. Loyalty

Did you watch the movie Hachiko? It's based on true story about a dog adopted by a professor and the extraordinary loyalty shown by the dog even after nine years of the professor's death. 

Shortly, Hachiko always waits for the professor at the train station after work hours. But the sudden demise of professor becomes unnoticed to Hachiko and there begins the NINE years waiting! 

Wikipedia says, '
During his lifetime the dog was held up in Japanese culture as an example of loyalty and fidelity. After Hachiko's death, he continues to be remembered in worldwide popular culture with statues, movies, books, and appearances in various media.' 

3. Thankfulness

The dog whom you may have helped when it is hit by a car, or the dog you have given a plate of rice or a piece of bread, will never be the dog who bites you someday. Do one good thing to it, and it will follow you for the rest of your life trying to protect you. 

But when it comes to human beings, we are not afraid of the enemy who try to kill us, but rather we are frightened of friends who try to hug us from behind. No matter how much good you do to a man, you will never know the day he will betray you.

4. Desireless

Animals live for common reasons; to find food, remain healthy, breed, and care for young. They don't have any high desires that put them emotionally down. We as a human being are too attached and in the way trying to pursue it, we lose everything we have.

We live to make a change. And the change for worse.

5. Moving On

Animals also suffer grief, loss, misfortune but they never seem to be giving up life. Life for them is important to live though it troubles them. We never see them bowing down all day because they had a bad past. 

We always say, "You Only Live Once". It is easier said than done. Some live like they are never going to die, then they die like they have never lived.

6. Sameness

No, they don't look same but they feel same. They are not into Buddhist thinking, Christian thinking or Hindu or Muslin. They can never be racists because they can never feel different about each other. 

Colours are nothing other than an optical illusion for them. 

7. Have a Job

Every year, goats are hired by Google to graze the grasses. Same is done by Yahoo!

Now goats began to work at Google and Yahoo but here we are jobless. So animals teach us, you don't always need Degree to work in great companies. Have a hope, have a job.


  1. well written. 5 years ago I adopted a stray puppy in Thimphu but within a year I got placed in far east because of which I left the dog behind. After 3 years of separation I meet my puppy grown up and to my surprise I was recognized by the dog though I at the first sight didn't. Missing...

    1. Wow? Really? Amazing! You must be very happy Karma!

      It's a great post Lungten. Keep writing!!! ^^

    2. Yea I was. Here also I live with dogs only


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