Poison In Heart

As soon as Wangchuk got into his job, he married a girl, Zangmo. They lived in a beautiful place of Chemkhar, the east of Bhutan. Having raised by his only mother, he decided to keep his mother with them.

Wangchuk always struggled negotiating all the pointless quarrels between his mom and Zangmo. He always tried to avoid the circumstance, but it all went no use.

One day, Zangmo’s deep revulsion caused her to think about furtively murdering her mother-in-law. She went up high to a mountain where a Lama lived.

“Lama, please help me.” she begged.

“What is it?” Lama asked.

“I want to murder my mother-in-law.”

“Why so?” said Lama gently.

“She has always been the cause of unhappiness between me and my husband.” cried Zangmo.

“I can help you. Do as I say.”

“Okay Lama”

“I will give you a poison. You must take it home and put a drop of it in your mother-in-law’s plate every meal. She will die gradually.”

“Thank you, Lama”

“But remember, from today onwards be good to her. Wash her clothes. Serve her meals. Talk good to her. And never reply to her with any anger and frustrations. That way, when she dies, no one will suspect you to be the murderer.”

“Thank you so much Lama”

Zangmo happily went back home carrying what the Lama gave her.

From the next day, she did as the Lama said. She washed her clothes. She served her every meals putting a drop of poison every time. She always talked good to her no matter how harsh her mother-in-law shouted at her. She always acted like she loved her mother-in-law.

Days went by and slowly, her mother-in-law also began to stop shouting at her. Their good relation began to grow and Wangchuk also had better days then.

Weeks, months and after some time, Zangmo liked her mother-in-law and the mother-in-law also began to love Zangmo like her own child.

Zangmo ran to Lama again.

“Dear Lama, please do me something.” Zangmo spoke in her extreme tiredness.

“Yes, what is it?” Lama replied with a giggle.

“I want something which can remove all the poisons I have ever given to my mother-in-law. I love her now. She is never the mother-in-law I have ever known. And I don’t want her to die. She is like my own mother and I want her with me everyday”

The Lama said,

“I have never given you a poison.” said with a giggle. “That thing I have given to you some months ago was just a medicine to enhance the health. I saw that the poison was already there in your heart. The day you would have begun to treat your mother-in-law like your own mother, she might have reflected your attitude and now, I bless you and family with all the happiness”

“Life is 1 percent what happens to you and 99 percent how you react to it.” – author forgotten

Just like this beautiful saying, lets all of us please treat everyone like our own parent and our own children. This is the only way we can kill so called Ego in everyone of us. Kindly share this story with your loved ones and also your hated ones.


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