My Three Words For 2016

It is really a difficult task for everyone to hold on with their new year resolutions because their resolutions are either too long or too prolix. I better preferred to have words as my New Year resolutions.

1. Time
I have a habit of prolonging with a small task which pile up and gets hard for me to get it done. Procrastination might be the best word which describes my habit till now. It is a vilest thing that I really need to get rid of. And also the poor time management which apprehended my academic life. I must really need to rift the time I spend making music, writing songs, photograph and blog. haha

2. Focus
Our mind is faster than the speed of light. It travels from China to USA in a fraction of a second just like my eye which travels from a teacher giving lecture to a girl smiling. I’m just giving an example.

Focusing on the present moment is what Lord Buddha always taught us and what I always felt to be really important. It is really difficult. Lord Buddha would not have been a great saint if doing these things were easy. I am also a deep believer in religion because religion is an imagination, where Einstein said, “Intelligence is limited but imagination is infinite. We can become what we can imagine.”

3. Live
Not all of us live, we just survive. Living, to me, is more than simply taking in and out the Oxygen. Wake up early, cherish every moment, smile, help, love and live in the moment. I must seriously say that I didn’t really live in 2015. All I did was wake up late, show sluggish face, didn’t know how sunrise went to sunset etc. and I don’t have a rigid good story to tell about a beautiful moment in 2015.

I hope everything goes well with time. And this year is a very crucial time for me as I will be doing BHSEC exam, class twelve. I really need to manage TIME, I seriously need to FOCUS, and I must really LIVE.


  1. A good resolution screen and filtered :). Best of luck for the big year that you look forward.
    Wonderful writing.

    1. Thank you la!
      Welcome to my blog!
      Visit next time too! :)
      Good day!

  2. Well said Lungten! All the best for this year's accomplishment! May all your wishes for this year comes true! Forget the past and live in present, just like what you said! Take care! :)

    1. Thank you la! For being a constant reader of what I write. And for all the good comments.
      Good time!


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