7 Bhutanese People Who Motivate Me

7 Bhutanese People Who Motivate Me
Bhutan may be a small country in terms of size, but it is not-bad in terms of brains. There are many Bhutanese people who sacrifice their money, sleep, enjoyments and everything for what they are passionate about. I tend to get inspired more by what a person does than what a person says. Some people do what they are not responsible for, and that’s how our country is gradually shaped.

Here I made my own list of people whom I described well above, not necessarily with their professions but what made them my source of inspiration.

1. Mrs. Chador Wangmo [Writer]
I cannot remember all the best things I did in 2015, but I can never forget reading La Ama – A Mother’s Call. Every bits and pieces of the book carries a meaning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Her passion towards writing for children has never grew older. Everyone knows the most famous saying of Fourth Druk Gyalpo that the future of our nation lies in the hands of younger generation. And only people like Mrs. Chador actually wants our Bhutan’s future to be bright by believing what our King has mentioned time and again. She writes for the children, she writes for the future.

2. Lam Szhenphen [Youth Counselor]
Is Lama Szhenphen Bhutanese? For me, every great hearts are Bhutanese, but not every Bhutanese are great hearts. He cares about Bhutan more than Bhutanese people do. He came to Bhutan in pursuit of our King’s words I mentioned above, to take our Youth into the right direction because our future leaders tend to go crazy at times. I think everyone must thank Lam Szhenphen for his service towards the Last Shangrila.

3. Mr. Yeshey Dorji [Photographer]
His timeless love for photography and some classes he escaped to click some shots motivate some amateur photographers to sacrifice their anything for what they love. I cannot mention much about the land he sold to buy a camera. Knowing the impermanence of life and wealth, he don’t want to waste a single second in his life not doing what he wants to. It motivates not only a photographer but all the students in their journey towards becoming someone. Mr. Yeshey must be the only Bhutanese photographer, I know, who can beat some international shutterbugs.

4. Mr. Passu [Blogger]
Many Bhutanese bloggers (writers) today would not have had a blog if he didn’t exist. Seriously! Not only did he motivate all of us by the way he loves writing but also I really appreciate his bold heartedness to respond way critically to Singaporean Minister’s comment to Bhutan. And also his service to Bhutan and Bhutanese through his social service like Bhutan Toilet.

5. Mr. Chencho Gyelstshen [Footballer]
Bhutan don’t have industry for sportsmen, he don’t care. He can risk his future for what he really want to become. Life is too short to waste doing what we don’t like. Miracles don’t happen if we don’t have courage to take risks. Any person can say these things but it takes a real man to act upon. His true love for the game motivates all of us all along.

6. Mr. Dorji Wangchuk [Traveler and Magician]
Serving as an Academic Officer in RTC, knowing about his life story is nothing less than an inspiration. He is a blogger, film maker, photographer, traveler and nothing prouder for me to say than my uncle, being my Daddy’s sibling. He may not be known to the ones residing in town area, but for ample of villages, he is treated just like those people with orange Kabney because of the charity he do and the hand he lend to villages, I call him a magician.

7. Myself
Yes, myself, Lungten Wangchuk. A very long-lived motivation we get is from ourselves. If our inner light is dead, no matter how much another person try to motivate us, they cannot. For me, I am important. And for you, you are important. I motivate myself most of the time just like some people motivate themselves when they need. So all of us must never forget that the most important person in our life is ourselves because if we can’t motivate ourselves, no one can. 


  1. Hi Lungten, this is a nice read. What a wonderful thought and reflection. Keep writing and keep motivating other youth of Bhutan!

  2. A great job bro Lungten (despite few grammatical errors). The best thing I like about your article is you could put your thoughts and true feelings in words that most of us are unable to. Great job!
    Best regards
    Dorji Wangchuk


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