Who Took The Girl's Life

From a recent incident, all of us understood that it was a great loss on the girl’s ephemeral life. What’s more heart touching is to know the fact that she’s a school going girl.

All the people who aren’t familiar with the case put the blame upon the teacher [who was caught to have murdered the girl’s life which he accepted]. And they talk behind the teacher’s back… But some people who remain not far away from this place [where the incident occurred] have observed that the teacher is not to be blamed in anyway.

I have ample of friends (classmates) who were under that teacher some years back. They went to see him in the detention room last time and came back with wept eyes. What’s more tragic in life?

Who caused the thing to happen?

Only two people know the answer: One is God. And another one is the teacher himself.

So probably, I don’t think we have to poke our nose and spread the mucus anywhere.

Who knows? If I were in that teacher’s soul, I would have done something even worse! Who knows?


  1. Its nice thing to know young boys like you are into writing blogs .when i went through your blog it sent shivers down my spine.yes most of people don`t know the story behind the murder. one thing, there can be no justification for such heinous crime.murder is murder no matter what.There are ways to solve problems in a civilized society .This one particularly is not a way to solve problem.Just a moment of madness has now destroyed the teacher himself and other people around him.You are young boy and you must not nurture such mentality.thanks

  2. Murder is no solution or the right thing to do no matter what reasons lie behind. I must say your notion is wrong. Very wrong, Lungten. I don't agree with you a bit. Please try reconsidering your notion.


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