The Girl With A Broken Heart

The very obvious fact is that, “We know the person but not his story”.

An incident had just scribbled dirt in me.

There is a girl in my class who lost her Dad when she was too young and since then, I know how much her mother and her little sister suffered. I know how it really feels, no apocryphal. In the other hand, we know that it is not a rare case but then I am about to share an incident (which is also not so rare).

Once, the girl was made to sing in front of the class by one of our teachers. And what she said was, “I don’t know Bhutanese song.” And she was to sing a Hindi song. She did.

After that, teacher asked, “Where are you from? I hope you are not from Assam, are you?”

“No sir”

“Then your FATHER might be from Assam, isn’t it?”

The whole class witnessed her eyes which were about to bleed because of the thoughts that went deep into her, about her Dad.

I was very abandoned to see an innocent girl who is educating hard to have a better future with her mother and to help her sister ‘having her sentiments burned down by her own teacher. Is it a dream or an illusion?

Who would love to come to school if this is the case always? Who would want to come to school when teachers don’t know the story of his very children (or may be not children? I mean the one in his register). When teachers are trying to criticize the parents after children have been stubborn?

It is the responsibility of a teacher to make students love to come to school. Otherwise, the teacher is a creepy little irresponsible crap. I hope these words do not hurt the sentiments of any teacher. But if it does, the same feeling has been poured to her, the girl with the broken heart.

My dear teachers, we always consider you as our parent. But you do not think that we are your children, do you?


  1. My dear, there are just few heart like yours and lets not forget to educate the Heart...


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