Why I Am Not So Fond Of Sports

It was PE (Physical Education) class then during somewhat early 2008. So the teacher was about to teach us about sports. All of us were so excited, I could mean. I was always a great fan of Ronaldhino that time and I wanted to be like him.

And the class began when teacher said, “Sports is about keeping the body fit by having fun”. My god, those words sounded like music to me. And I didn’t have a single patience to go to a playground and begin with some kicking a ball.

Teacher told us so much about football which I don’t remember much today. I remember him saying, “Come to football-ground after 8th period”. Yes sure, we had 8 periods in that school and it didn’t feel so long to me.

We went to the football ground and the teacher taught us rules and regulations of the so-called - ‘the most beautiful sports’ –football. I did not let go a single word.

I must say that I worked hard in Football by then. Playground was about 100 meters away from my house. I had a best friend who taught me many things which were necessary in my life. He also loved that sport and we always played together. We had fun, we had joy. We always met at football ground after school. And moreover, I loved him so much, more than a brother.

Though I wasn’t a professional, I was at least better than some of the students during that time in football field.

So what happened one day…

My best friend and I formed a team. We asked a group of students to form their team. We played with a bet of Nu. 20 [In today’s world, I am not sure if children would accept that much amount or not]. And we won. I don’t exactly remember the goals but. That’s not the matter. The matter was we had no referee.

Though the beginning was cool, the ending was bad.

Our opponent group of boys began to dissent about our victory. I remember them saying, “We aren’t satisfied. There must be a rematch.”

What did that mean?

My best friend didn’t shut up. He said the money must be ours. That time, I didn’t know the value of money. When opponents said anything, nothing bothered me much. But it did to my best friend.

The awful part was that they fought. My best friend and those opponents showed up their fists. Bloods I could see. I screamed in tears not knowing what to do. I ran to my house as fast as I could.

The very next day, my best friend didn’t talk with me. He pretended not to have had seen me though he did. Maybe because I didn't help him the day before. The moment just doomed me down. My heart wept. I lost him from my life. Just because of that so called money which was a bet of that shitty sport.

By then, sports never really made me happy. Whenever I got into the playground, I remembered my best friend and I laughing, playing, having lots of fun, hugging, dragging, and pushing.

By 2009, right next year, my dad got transferred to a new place [Tashigang]. I never saw my best friend then. Still my best friend remained as a best friend in my heart. And even today, I never met a best friend whom I loved more than him.

If we really want to be fit, we can go for a jog, or workout or exercise. I don't really see any logic behind challenging for each other in order to stay fit. They say, sports bring people together but then, how can we unite by challenging for each other? Football matches go every time in my place and what I really see is 'Student having hatred for teachers. Vise-versa. Probably because sports is about groupism, division, separation..."  I didn't see a single match go well. After each match, what I see is a group plotting next to each other.

I am afraid to play sports; it might take away the friends which I have right now. 


About The Author

I'm Lungten Wangchuk. Presently a student of Twelve in Zhemgang Central School. And I won't mind someone trying to correct the mistakes I make on my blog.

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