What Happened Then?

It was a usual morning with inspiration just shining from the black mountain. I was participating in Summer Youth Programme 2015 as a Guitar tutor. And I was glad that everything went well until the 3rd day. So that day, we were to discuss on some other Guitar techniques.

Morning at 9, when I was preparing myself to join the Youth Centre, my friend made me a phone call. He was requesting me to go to picnic with him towards somewhat east from where we stay. I told him that I have to get permission from our madam, but I was completely unwilling to join him.

I went to Youth Centre, and started the lesson when my friend repeatedly phone-called me to join the picnic. And to convince me more, he even said that I don’t need to take anything, I can come empty handed and enjoy with them. Completely making myself rather drowned, I requested our madam for the early leave and I joined them for the picnic.

We went little far to the east. In the middle of our way, I had a sudden jerk on the chest. I thought it was just normal. But it has gotten worse as we moved on. I almost fell on the ground as I reached where we settled down for the lunch. My friends danced, sung, ran, played and had fun. But I was on the ground because every breath was a pain in my chest. The more I had to breath, the more was the pain. So I tried hard not to get tired.
We returned home then.

I suffered the night with sweats all over whole night, dizziness.
My mom has asked one holy man from our own village to see what has happened to me. And the reply was what made me surprised.

He said that I have went in East direction which I am not supposed to at least for this year, and in the middle way, I have been spotted by a evil spirit.

Yes, I have gone in East direction but my appearance to evil spirit was unbelievable because I was with six friends. Why didn’t the evil spirit see them?

Next day, I went to hospital and found out that I had a bone infection of consuming impurities. I didn’t consume anything to cause me bone infection but... What happened then?


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