On The Seat Of MP

MP here means Member of Parliament [A voted person to represent a certain region of place in a country]

~Most memorable moments in life are always ‘funny moments’~

It was 2013, winter, when I was at Trashi Yangtse for vacation. I have been having a very good time there in my village, Khenyel (Khee-ngyel). Everyone treated me like a new guest.
My modest village have always been so good to its guest.

So, when I was there, our region’s MP was to be arrived and people were so dizzy. They even invited one prodigious Lama and that night, Lama was already there in the room on a prestigious seat when MP was still not arrived.

My uncle took me to the Lama for blessing. My slippers were banished outside. I had to wear a hoary dress with bare foot to get in the room. With my very deep esteem, I have prostrated for 3 times, covered my mouth with sleeved hand, bent so much making my abdomen around 40 degree angle with my standing thighs and closed my eyes. I hoped it was the right way.

Lama put his hand on my head and I politely went back for 3 steps and went out the room with my back bent still a little. I felt blessed.

While I was putting my slipper, my uncle told me, “You must sit”. And then he disappeared saying an incomplete sentence in my ear. I thought that he told me to sit with Lama for more blessings.

So I respectfully went back to the Lama to sit beside him. I saw a much decorated silky sofa beside Lama. So I slowly sat on it.

5 minutes already went by without talking to Lama. Lama was talking with his assistant and was laughing. I was deeply shy and my heart was beating so fast.
Suddenly, my cousin brother came inside the room and told me, “Hey what do you think are you doing?”

I said, “That’s what uncle told me to do”

He said, “You know what? That’s the seat of MP tonight. Uncle may have told you to sit beside the camp fire outside.”


  1. This is very hilarious post. Loved it thoroughly. I hope you would, one day, become a parliamentarian. Keep writing.

  2. can't help it..........it just happens

  3. Keep blogging lung ten. ...this was a nice one....laughed my heads off


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