7 Reasons To Study In Zhemgang CS

One hardest choice that a student (or about-to-become-student) make is which school to go to. After all, it is not the school; it is the student himself/herself who matters in their own life. But if I am asked which school would be great for a student, I would probably say Zhemgang Central School. And I know what I am saying.

Here are the 7 reasons why a student will like Zhemgang Central School for:

      1.    The Place Deserve 5 Stars
Who likes to study in a hot place where you will sweat all the back standing in the assembly ground? Or who likes to study in the cold place where you chatter standing in the assembly ground? Sounds funny but seriously speaking, Zhemgang Central School is neither a hot nor a cold place, therefore, a student can sit anywhere he may like, hold a book and start to read peacefully without any disturbance of automobiles honking.

      2.    Determined Teachers
They say, “Teachers don’t affect much in student’s life”, and they are absolutely wrong. If teachers don’t affect much in student’s life, then why are there teachers? The teacher can be a student’s inspirer, motivator, a parent and a doctor perhaps. Why wouldn’t teachers affect student’s life when a child spends 13 years with teachers and few hours in a day with parents? Zhemgang Central School is filled with all the teachers who are determined for a student, who wants to change the student’s life to a good one.

       3.    Least Westernised
Though western fashion lifestyle is slowly arising, there are people who are abolishing it and emphasizing on Bhutanese culture purely. I admit if the entire student in Bhutan study in ZCS, then Bhutanese culture will be preserved the best.

       4.    Facilities All Fresh And Free
Computer lab stays so beautiful during free times with Internet facility. Morning mic session is always open to all the students to sing in front of the assembly. Boarder students are allowed to request and use school telephone if they need. Besides technology, there are available and numerous books and reading materials to broaden the box.

       5.    Sports Time With Sport’s Teacher
Every day, after class, students are encouraged to have some sports with concise guidance from sports instructor. Usually, after-class times are pre-occupied by many programmes like Guest talk, Agriculture, Disciplinary talks etc. but students not concerned with a particular programme can join sports.

       6.    Music Teacher
Music is not liked only by the people who can’t hear it. No exception, each passing day, every student desires to learn to play at least one instrument. And thank god, I mean thank government because ZCS has got a music teacher who is a renowned traditional Bhutanese musician.

       7.    Excellent Percentage Of Guaranteed Qualification To College

If hard-work in a student really persists, ZCS is the best place to be educated in. Many students who passed out of ZCS with hard-work have a happy-ever-after story according to the work they do and the life they live. Let’s not compare ZCS with other schools (because if we compare, we are insulting ourselves).


  1. I won't mind paying you in DOLLARS for the ideas that you have put in so beautifully. So-so a big thumbs up Mr.Lungten... thanks

  2. I wish to be the family members of Zhemgang central School Lungten. Keep sharing more about Zhemgnag.

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