God Told Me That Story

Science proved that Dreams are the recap of what we have done, what we have thought or whatever we came across; shortly, anything that has gone. But religion says that Dreams are what lies ahead of us, what is about to happen.

I believe in both.
Let me write what my Journal say on 4th October 2014:

“The morning is getting colder in Zhemgang every day. Today, I had a strange dream. In my dream, I walked by an empty Assembly ground and right at that moment when I stepped on the middle of the ground, a man called my name from behind. And when I looked back, I saw four female staffs and two male. (It was empty here just few seconds ago). That man said, “You don’t have to go. I will request someone to come from there.” Everything was in mystery. And I don’t remember what happened then...”

Recently, the centralization of schools kept everyone busy as a beaver. Out of nowhere, people from Kidney Foundation come in our school. Therefore, some students and teachers joined the program in MP Hall when some left home. Some teachers were at the Assembly ground dividing note books to be distributed in classes.

Just thought I could help a little and went to those teachers. One male teacher saw me and then called me. “Hey Lungten, can you please go to MP Hall and get the key of Science department”. I walked fast to MP Hall when I stepped right at the middle of Assembly ground one male teacher called me from my back, “You don’t have to go. I will request someone to come from there”.

I just realized on the spot that this thing has happened to me in my dream somewhere before.

“God told me that story”.


About The Author

I'm Lungten Wangchuk. Presently a student of Twelve in Zhemgang Central School. And I won't mind someone trying to correct the mistakes I make on my blog.

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