Everything Has A Value

It was Thursday. I woke up not so early. My dear Mom already got me breakfast. I felt all the luck for this life. I just felt.

I wore my Gho, put on the stocking and shoes and was ready for school. It was 8:00 AM, time for ‘Some Unnecessary Passtime Works’ (SUPW).

We assembled at the ground ready for Morning Prayer. It was the Teacher announced the captains to collect Iron Tablet that actually made me write this.

[In the class before first period]

“All of you should consume this”, class captain didn’t seem much determined. All of us were given a red tablet. I carefully observed everyone. Only one girl has swallowed the thing with lots of difficulty. Others simply avoided it putting it in their shoes, wrapped it in a piece of paper and jumped to the bin...


I was wondering why government is wasting a whole range of dollars distributing gem to undeserving ones. That single tablet would have saved a precious life in South Africa.

The problem with us is that we don’t know the value of small things that could make a big difference.

I feel pity on our government because of us.

[So what’s necessary?]


Actually, we were born this way, brought up this way, shown this way.
But you have the ability to change. You can value small things. You can show others that everything has a value and everyone has a purpose.

Lao Tzu was never wrong, “A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step”.

The change begins with you. Yes YOU!


About The Author

I'm Lungten Wangchuk. Presently a student of Twelve in Zhemgang Central School. And I won't mind someone trying to correct the mistakes I make on my blog.

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