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Library time! Who won’t get excited? We get to pick up the book we like, read the way we like, sit the pose we like and simply enjoy doing nothing. So my choice of book this week was Osho’s “I teach religiousness, not religion” for my love of inspirational books. So I can’t wait to read that book after reading the title.

And I began, “Religion is a dead rock...”

All of a sudden, my heart sank. I thought it was a tame. Who wouldn’t think, anyway, at least in my country where religion is everything for people?

But I didn’t stop. I wanted to know more about what Osho really has to say about religion.

What I really liked the most was his ability to express every feeling in simple words. And of course, his writing fell on my interests. He has an interesting way of criticizing religion. According to him, there’s nothing/nobody called God. God is just a belief. And belief is a greatest fiction, he suppose.

What I really found out was that everything he wrote was against everything I have heard from somebody till now. He says that meditation is not about making your mind disciplined but leaving your mind aside.

He taught me how to live when I am alive. But he didn’t teach me where to go when I die!


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