Twenty Fourteen – When I Was In Ten

To run is more important than to reach. To fly is more important than to flee. But at times, we reach without running.

“High time to pull up your socks”, said my relatives. Indeed, everyone said the same. “You’re in the first year of turning point in your life”. But everything becomes monotonous when repeated many times.

Who is so sure to say that I worked real hard in 2014 to appear my BCSEA Exam? Who is so sure to say that I was only with textbook and nothing other?

One big lesson I learned from my 2014 is, DO EVERYTHING, how simple it may sound, it’s way too important.

Forgetting the fact that I was a tenth grader, I sung, I laughed, I played, but I studied. I don't mean to say I won, but I must say I'm satisfied. To be satisfied is whole lot phenomenal than to win. Winners are forgotten.

If we always work our daily life aiming to win, we're wasting our life. Till now, everything I aimed for winning, failed. And everything I did to be satisfied, got satisfied.

I'm ordinary. That's why, I was afraid of BCSEA. Oh heaven! That's extra ordinary, because only when we are afraid, we will be determined. Otherwise, we aren't on track.

So, like any other students, I did the same paper. Taught by same teachers. Learned in same school. Everything same. I just had one thing more. I knew the right timing because some of my friends played while it was exam, some danced while it was sports time (ridiculous!), some (extra-ordinarily sincere ones) studied while it was show time. That's the dirtiest thing I have seen.

So it was 2015 (Happy New Year). Not for me. Not for any class X appeared students, I suppose. Rumors spread like a virus that results will be out tomorrow, day after tomorrow... some told me best of luck (what can I say about human beings) because I already did the exam and what on earth do I do with their wishes now.

Finally, when I was scrolling through the Facebook, I saw a post of Kuensel which said the result would be declared at 4:30. My heart felt the whole earth on it. So I drank two glasses of water and impatiently waited the clock to tick 4:30.

When the clock ticked it, I went to BCSEA website. My emotions just at a finger tip, typing my index number in the box was like rubbing the fingers on a blade. It's funny right now, but it wasn't last time when it happened.


  1. Wonderful analysis on the subject...well thought lungten...keep writing


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