Life Is Uncertain

Never trust your current happiness, and never fear you future struggles

Take It Easy

If you are meant to do it, you can do it

Presentation On Youth Issues

National Youth Forum 2015, Thimphu

Visit To Bhutan Postal Museum

It Was The First Time, It Was The Fun Time

Three Idiots

No one of us can really do what we seem to do

Who Took The Girl's Life

From a recent incident, all of us understood that it was a great loss on the girl’s ephemeral life. What’s more heart touching is to know the fact that she’s a school going girl.

All the people who aren’t familiar with the case put the blame upon the teacher [who was caught to have murdered the girl’s life which he accepted]. And they talk behind the teacher’s back… But some people who remain not far away from this place [where the incident occurred] have observed that the teacher is not to be blamed in anyway.

I have ample of friends (classmates) who were under that teacher some years back. They went to see him in the detention room last time and came back with wept eyes. What’s more tragic in life?

Who caused the thing to happen?

Only two people know the answer: One is God. And another one is the teacher himself.

So probably, I don’t think we have to poke our nose and spread the mucus anywhere.

Who knows? If I were in that teacher’s soul, I would have done something even worse! Who knows?

The Problems With CBB App

It hasn’t been long since I installed the CBB app. But I have found things which needs immediate change in order to have better experience. (Pictures are at the bottom).

The blogs and the posts which appear here are non-relevant to what I really have to write or what I really mean. I screenshot from three blogs: Passu Diary, Damcho’s NOTEBOOK and Bhutan The Land OF Thunder Dragon. I acknowledge.

And by writing this post, I am not at all criticizing the maker of this app but little suggestions don’t harm so please: no hard feelings.

1.      Incomplete view of posts

In my case, I am discouraged when I read a wonderful post and all of a sudden, the words go off. So if the full post can be viewed, it would not only serve well to the reader but also attract for the writer.

2.      Incomplete blog name

It doesn’t matter much but then who would like to not know the name of the blog they are reading? If the blog name at the top goes on Marquee effect; moving left to right or maybe vice versa, then the full bog name can be made out.

3.      Colour incompatibility

This needs intense attention! I can hardly read the white letters on white background. This is completely a reader’s sigh.

4.      Incomplete widget

Also not so important; But for me, I am a widget fan and I want to see the blogs hanging around my screen. But incomplete view of title or the blog has just made me to remove it.
Incomplete Post

Incomplete Blog Name

Colour Incompatibility

Incomplete Widget

The Girl With A Broken Heart

The very obvious fact is that, “We know the person but not his story”.

An incident had just scribbled dirt in me.

There is a girl in my class who lost her Dad when she was too young and since then, I know how much her mother and her little sister suffered. I know how it really feels, no apocryphal. In the other hand, we know that it is not a rare case but then I am about to share an incident (which is also not so rare).

Once, the girl was made to sing in front of the class by one of our teachers. And what she said was, “I don’t know Bhutanese song.” And she was to sing a Hindi song. She did.

After that, teacher asked, “Where are you from? I hope you are not from Assam, are you?”

“No sir”

“Then your FATHER might be from Assam, isn’t it?”

The whole class witnessed her eyes which were about to bleed because of the thoughts that went deep into her, about her Dad.

I was very abandoned to see an innocent girl who is educating hard to have a better future with her mother and to help her sister ‘having her sentiments burned down by her own teacher. Is it a dream or an illusion?

Who would love to come to school if this is the case always? Who would want to come to school when teachers don’t know the story of his very children (or may be not children? I mean the one in his register). When teachers are trying to criticize the parents after children have been stubborn?

It is the responsibility of a teacher to make students love to come to school. Otherwise, the teacher is a creepy little irresponsible crap. I hope these words do not hurt the sentiments of any teacher. But if it does, the same feeling has been poured to her, the girl with the broken heart.

My dear teachers, we always consider you as our parent. But you do not think that we are your children, do you?

Why I Am Not So Fond Of Sports

It was PE (Physical Education) class then during somewhat early 2008. So the teacher was about to teach us about sports. All of us were so excited, I could mean. I was always a great fan of Ronaldhino that time and I wanted to be like him.

And the class began when teacher said, “Sports is about keeping the body fit by having fun”. My god, those words sounded like music to me. And I didn’t have a single patience to go to a playground and begin with some kicking a ball.

Teacher told us so much about football which I don’t remember much today. I remember him saying, “Come to football-ground after 8th period”. Yes sure, we had 8 periods in that school and it didn’t feel so long to me.

We went to the football ground and the teacher taught us rules and regulations of the so-called - ‘the most beautiful sports’ –football. I did not let go a single word.

I must say that I worked hard in Football by then. Playground was about 100 meters away from my house. I had a best friend who taught me many things which were necessary in my life. He also loved that sport and we always played together. We had fun, we had joy. We always met at football ground after school. And moreover, I loved him so much, more than a brother.

Though I wasn’t a professional, I was at least better than some of the students during that time in football field.

So what happened one day…

My best friend and I formed a team. We asked a group of students to form their team. We played with a bet of Nu. 20 [In today’s world, I am not sure if children would accept that much amount or not]. And we won. I don’t exactly remember the goals but. That’s not the matter. The matter was we had no referee.

Though the beginning was cool, the ending was bad.

Our opponent group of boys began to dissent about our victory. I remember them saying, “We aren’t satisfied. There must be a rematch.”

What did that mean?

My best friend didn’t shut up. He said the money must be ours. That time, I didn’t know the value of money. When opponents said anything, nothing bothered me much. But it did to my best friend.

The awful part was that they fought. My best friend and those opponents showed up their fists. Bloods I could see. I screamed in tears not knowing what to do. I ran to my house as fast as I could.

The very next day, my best friend didn’t talk with me. He pretended not to have had seen me though he did. Maybe because I didn't help him the day before. The moment just doomed me down. My heart wept. I lost him from my life. Just because of that so called money which was a bet of that shitty sport.

By then, sports never really made me happy. Whenever I got into the playground, I remembered my best friend and I laughing, playing, having lots of fun, hugging, dragging, and pushing.

By 2009, right next year, my dad got transferred to a new place [Tashigang]. I never saw my best friend then. Still my best friend remained as a best friend in my heart. And even today, I never met a best friend whom I loved more than him.

If we really want to be fit, we can go for a jog, or workout or exercise. I don't really see any logic behind challenging for each other in order to stay fit. They say, sports bring people together but then, how can we unite by challenging for each other? Football matches go every time in my place and what I really see is 'Student having hatred for teachers. Vise-versa. Probably because sports is about groupism, division, separation..."  I didn't see a single match go well. After each match, what I see is a group plotting next to each other.

I am afraid to play sports; it might take away the friends which I have right now. 

On The Seat Of MP

MP here means Member of Parliament [A voted person to represent a certain region of place in a country]

~Most memorable moments in life are always ‘funny moments’~

It was 2013, winter, when I was at Trashi Yangtse for vacation. I have been having a very good time there in my village, Khenyel (Khee-ngyel). Everyone treated me like a new guest.
My modest village have always been so good to its guest.

So, when I was there, our region’s MP was to be arrived and people were so dizzy. They even invited one prodigious Lama and that night, Lama was already there in the room on a prestigious seat when MP was still not arrived.

My uncle took me to the Lama for blessing. My slippers were banished outside. I had to wear a hoary dress with bare foot to get in the room. With my very deep esteem, I have prostrated for 3 times, covered my mouth with sleeved hand, bent so much making my abdomen around 40 degree angle with my standing thighs and closed my eyes. I hoped it was the right way.

Lama put his hand on my head and I politely went back for 3 steps and went out the room with my back bent still a little. I felt blessed.

While I was putting my slipper, my uncle told me, “You must sit”. And then he disappeared saying an incomplete sentence in my ear. I thought that he told me to sit with Lama for more blessings.

So I respectfully went back to the Lama to sit beside him. I saw a much decorated silky sofa beside Lama. So I slowly sat on it.

5 minutes already went by without talking to Lama. Lama was talking with his assistant and was laughing. I was deeply shy and my heart was beating so fast.
Suddenly, my cousin brother came inside the room and told me, “Hey what do you think are you doing?”

I said, “That’s what uncle told me to do”

He said, “You know what? That’s the seat of MP tonight. Uncle may have told you to sit beside the camp fire outside.”

What Happened Then?

It was a usual morning with inspiration just shining from the black mountain. I was participating in Summer Youth Programme 2015 as a Guitar tutor. And I was glad that everything went well until the 3rd day. So that day, we were to discuss on some other Guitar techniques.

Morning at 9, when I was preparing myself to join the Youth Centre, my friend made me a phone call. He was requesting me to go to picnic with him towards somewhat east from where we stay. I told him that I have to get permission from our madam, but I was completely unwilling to join him.

I went to Youth Centre, and started the lesson when my friend repeatedly phone-called me to join the picnic. And to convince me more, he even said that I don’t need to take anything, I can come empty handed and enjoy with them. Completely making myself rather drowned, I requested our madam for the early leave and I joined them for the picnic.

We went little far to the east. In the middle of our way, I had a sudden jerk on the chest. I thought it was just normal. But it has gotten worse as we moved on. I almost fell on the ground as I reached where we settled down for the lunch. My friends danced, sung, ran, played and had fun. But I was on the ground because every breath was a pain in my chest. The more I had to breath, the more was the pain. So I tried hard not to get tired.
We returned home then.

I suffered the night with sweats all over whole night, dizziness.
My mom has asked one holy man from our own village to see what has happened to me. And the reply was what made me surprised.

He said that I have went in East direction which I am not supposed to at least for this year, and in the middle way, I have been spotted by a evil spirit.

Yes, I have gone in East direction but my appearance to evil spirit was unbelievable because I was with six friends. Why didn’t the evil spirit see them?

Next day, I went to hospital and found out that I had a bone infection of consuming impurities. I didn’t consume anything to cause me bone infection but... What happened then?

7 Reasons To Study In Zhemgang CS

One hardest choice that a student (or about-to-become-student) make is which school to go to. After all, it is not the school; it is the student himself/herself who matters in their own life. But if I am asked which school would be great for a student, I would probably say Zhemgang Central School. And I know what I am saying.

Here are the 7 reasons why a student will like Zhemgang Central School for:

      1.    The Place Deserve 5 Stars
Who likes to study in a hot place where you will sweat all the back standing in the assembly ground? Or who likes to study in the cold place where you chatter standing in the assembly ground? Sounds funny but seriously speaking, Zhemgang Central School is neither a hot nor a cold place, therefore, a student can sit anywhere he may like, hold a book and start to read peacefully without any disturbance of automobiles honking.

      2.    Determined Teachers
They say, “Teachers don’t affect much in student’s life”, and they are absolutely wrong. If teachers don’t affect much in student’s life, then why are there teachers? The teacher can be a student’s inspirer, motivator, a parent and a doctor perhaps. Why wouldn’t teachers affect student’s life when a child spends 13 years with teachers and few hours in a day with parents? Zhemgang Central School is filled with all the teachers who are determined for a student, who wants to change the student’s life to a good one.

       3.    Least Westernised
Though western fashion lifestyle is slowly arising, there are people who are abolishing it and emphasizing on Bhutanese culture purely. I admit if the entire student in Bhutan study in ZCS, then Bhutanese culture will be preserved the best.

       4.    Facilities All Fresh And Free
Computer lab stays so beautiful during free times with Internet facility. Morning mic session is always open to all the students to sing in front of the assembly. Boarder students are allowed to request and use school telephone if they need. Besides technology, there are available and numerous books and reading materials to broaden the box.

       5.    Sports Time With Sport’s Teacher
Every day, after class, students are encouraged to have some sports with concise guidance from sports instructor. Usually, after-class times are pre-occupied by many programmes like Guest talk, Agriculture, Disciplinary talks etc. but students not concerned with a particular programme can join sports.

       6.    Music Teacher
Music is not liked only by the people who can’t hear it. No exception, each passing day, every student desires to learn to play at least one instrument. And thank god, I mean thank government because ZCS has got a music teacher who is a renowned traditional Bhutanese musician.

       7.    Excellent Percentage Of Guaranteed Qualification To College

If hard-work in a student really persists, ZCS is the best place to be educated in. Many students who passed out of ZCS with hard-work have a happy-ever-after story according to the work they do and the life they live. Let’s not compare ZCS with other schools (because if we compare, we are insulting ourselves).

The Other Side Of Bhutanese

Bhutanese will be the only people in the world who criticize their own race (?). Often do we say what we don’t like about Bhutanese, at the same time, we say we are proud to be Bhutanese. Ironic! We say, “Bhutanese don’t know the value of  blah blah blah. Bhutanese don’t  care about blah blah blah. Bhutanese... Bhutanese”. And sadly, it’s a fact. I don’t know how many Bhutanese realize that they are Bhutanese at the end.

“Two men looked out the prison. One saw the mud, other saw the stars”

Most of the time, I see stars in everything. That’s why I criticize seldom. I always wanted to express the good nature of Bhutanese despite listening to everything that others say about Bhutanese.

[By the way, I’ll be talking about pure Bhutanese. Not Westernised Bhutanese]

My home is your home too! I don’t remember the number of unknown people who came to my house whom my Mom served like her own child. Bhutanese have a habit of inviting people we meet to our own house and we make them feel like it’s their own house. We give them life!

Bhutanese can talk to strangers! Adults always say that talking to strangers bring curse on us. Oh! Till now, the more strangers did I talk, the more luck they brought to me! And more strangers meant more friends, more friends meant more happiness! Who on this earth would have thought strangers could bring happiness to us?

 If you are a Bhutanese, you are my sibling. Bhutanese has more preference to calling Acho, Ashim, Nuchu, Num and they smile when they hear themselves being called these name. I can’t imagine the joy in my heart when little ones call me Acho and elder ones call me Nuchu.

Our friend means more than our siblings! Whenever we go to other places, especially urban places, we always think about what we can take to our friends. And even as being someone’s friend, we expect something from them wherever they go!

Sharing is loving. Charity begins at home. My parents taught me to share with others whatever new-food we have to eat. I’m so tired timely running here and there taking my mom’s share to her friends, though it may be a little bit, though it may be a fancy one.

We feel the same prick when someone passes away. Being an easterner, this actually happens more in east. If someone permanently breathes the last, we feel the same pinch. And we attend their funeral even though they are apparently our strangers.

“It was a mourning period. It is amazing how the Trashigangpas came together during such moments of life, living the profound moments in picture perfect ways. Every neighbour walked around as if it was their son they had lost and not just my brother.”
 – Mrs. Chador Wangmo, La Ama ...a mother’s call

[Mrs. Chador could explain the best about easterners]

There are uncountable numbers of good things that Bhutanese possess. But I have just written briefly to let the readers feel lucky being born in this heaven-on-earth Bhutan. 

The Book Thief – MARKUS ZUSAK

I can’t go on without talking a little bit about the book which changed my life.

So the book titled “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak has been my best book of 2014 (last year). Everything is usual and ordinary in the story but the main character Liesel who lived a very bright life in dark world is what inspired me till the moon and back.

So the story took place in Germany, during Hitler’s time when Jewish people were on their breath. Their lived a girl, Liesel, whose mom was a Jew but she wasn’t. Liesel begins to live with her Aunt and Uncle after Hitler’s greatest mistake begins.

When Liesel gets adapted to the new community, she meets with an adult Jewish boy who is kept hidden in the basement by the Uncle and Aunt of Liesel.
What inspires me deeply is the friendship between them. Though the Jewish boy is kept hidden in the basement of house, Liesel always makes him live life the real way; bring snow in the room, a chalkboard, everything that makes life worth living.

“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.” 

There lives a white haired boy in their community who loves Liesel.

“The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you.” 

The boy in the basement leaves the community one night when everything remains in peril.

Germany was never a good friend of foreign countries during Hitler. When war breaks out, the bomb gets dropped in their community. Liesel’s Aunt, Uncle, white haired boy, his dad, mom, everyone takes their last breath and Liesel gets left in the dark world. Something learned here is that, the white haired boy never told what he felt to Liesel, and it becomes too late by then. Life’s uncertain, so never leave anything for tomorrow.

Liesel never lives a broken life. Instead, she begins to write everything that has happened to her and her life, everyone she met and departed, everywhere she went and left. Her words inspire millions of souls.

The story is told from third person’s point-of-view. The narrator is the Death.

He ends the story saying, “I’m always haunted by Human Beings”.

Beloved Osho

Library time! Who won’t get excited? We get to pick up the book we like, read the way we like, sit the pose we like and simply enjoy doing nothing. So my choice of book this week was Osho’s “I teach religiousness, not religion” for my love of inspirational books. So I can’t wait to read that book after reading the title.

And I began, “Religion is a dead rock...”

All of a sudden, my heart sank. I thought it was a tame. Who wouldn’t think, anyway, at least in my country where religion is everything for people?

But I didn’t stop. I wanted to know more about what Osho really has to say about religion.

What I really liked the most was his ability to express every feeling in simple words. And of course, his writing fell on my interests. He has an interesting way of criticizing religion. According to him, there’s nothing/nobody called God. God is just a belief. And belief is a greatest fiction, he suppose.

What I really found out was that everything he wrote was against everything I have heard from somebody till now. He says that meditation is not about making your mind disciplined but leaving your mind aside.

He taught me how to live when I am alive. But he didn’t teach me where to go when I die!

Before You Go To Heaven

Before you go to heaven
Make sure you are contented
Make sure you are satisfied
Take my words to the God

Before you go to heaven
Make sure you helped someone
Make sure you came as a blessing
Not just as a human being

Before you go to heaven
Make sure you loved your mom
Make sure you saluted your dad
From whom you were motivated

Before you go to heaven
Make sure you planted a flower
Make sure you decorated the eyes
And made world the next heaven

Before you go to heaven
Make sure you were alive
Make sure you made a difference
That lives for eternity

Before you go to heaven
Make sure you lived
Make sure you lived an original life
Rather than someone else’s life

Before you go to heaven
Make sure someone still wants you to stay

Everything Has A Value

It was Thursday. I woke up not so early. My dear Mom already got me breakfast. I felt all the luck for this life. I just felt.

I wore my Gho, put on the stocking and shoes and was ready for school. It was 8:00 AM, time for ‘Some Unnecessary Passtime Works’ (SUPW).

We assembled at the ground ready for Morning Prayer. It was the Teacher announced the captains to collect Iron Tablet that actually made me write this.

[In the class before first period]

“All of you should consume this”, class captain didn’t seem much determined. All of us were given a red tablet. I carefully observed everyone. Only one girl has swallowed the thing with lots of difficulty. Others simply avoided it putting it in their shoes, wrapped it in a piece of paper and jumped to the bin...


I was wondering why government is wasting a whole range of dollars distributing gem to undeserving ones. That single tablet would have saved a precious life in South Africa.

The problem with us is that we don’t know the value of small things that could make a big difference.

I feel pity on our government because of us.

[So what’s necessary?]


Actually, we were born this way, brought up this way, shown this way.
But you have the ability to change. You can value small things. You can show others that everything has a value and everyone has a purpose.

Lao Tzu was never wrong, “A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step”.

The change begins with you. Yes YOU!

God Told Me That Story

Science proved that Dreams are the recap of what we have done, what we have thought or whatever we came across; shortly, anything that has gone. But religion says that Dreams are what lies ahead of us, what is about to happen.

I believe in both.
Let me write what my Journal say on 4th October 2014:

“The morning is getting colder in Zhemgang every day. Today, I had a strange dream. In my dream, I walked by an empty Assembly ground and right at that moment when I stepped on the middle of the ground, a man called my name from behind. And when I looked back, I saw four female staffs and two male. (It was empty here just few seconds ago). That man said, “You don’t have to go. I will request someone to come from there.” Everything was in mystery. And I don’t remember what happened then...”

Recently, the centralization of schools kept everyone busy as a beaver. Out of nowhere, people from Kidney Foundation come in our school. Therefore, some students and teachers joined the program in MP Hall when some left home. Some teachers were at the Assembly ground dividing note books to be distributed in classes.

Just thought I could help a little and went to those teachers. One male teacher saw me and then called me. “Hey Lungten, can you please go to MP Hall and get the key of Science department”. I walked fast to MP Hall when I stepped right at the middle of Assembly ground one male teacher called me from my back, “You don’t have to go. I will request someone to come from there”.

I just realized on the spot that this thing has happened to me in my dream somewhere before.

“God told me that story”.

Twenty Fourteen – When I Was In Ten

To run is more important than to reach. To fly is more important than to flee. But at times, we reach without running.

“High time to pull up your socks”, said my relatives. Indeed, everyone said the same. “You’re in the first year of turning point in your life”. But everything becomes monotonous when repeated many times.

Who is so sure to say that I worked real hard in 2014 to appear my BCSEA Exam? Who is so sure to say that I was only with textbook and nothing other?

One big lesson I learned from my 2014 is, DO EVERYTHING, how simple it may sound, it’s way too important.

Forgetting the fact that I was a tenth grader, I sung, I laughed, I played, but I studied. I don't mean to say I won, but I must say I'm satisfied. To be satisfied is whole lot phenomenal than to win. Winners are forgotten.

If we always work our daily life aiming to win, we're wasting our life. Till now, everything I aimed for winning, failed. And everything I did to be satisfied, got satisfied.

I'm ordinary. That's why, I was afraid of BCSEA. Oh heaven! That's extra ordinary, because only when we are afraid, we will be determined. Otherwise, we aren't on track.

So, like any other students, I did the same paper. Taught by same teachers. Learned in same school. Everything same. I just had one thing more. I knew the right timing because some of my friends played while it was exam, some danced while it was sports time (ridiculous!), some (extra-ordinarily sincere ones) studied while it was show time. That's the dirtiest thing I have seen.

So it was 2015 (Happy New Year). Not for me. Not for any class X appeared students, I suppose. Rumors spread like a virus that results will be out tomorrow, day after tomorrow... some told me best of luck (what can I say about human beings) because I already did the exam and what on earth do I do with their wishes now.

Finally, when I was scrolling through the Facebook, I saw a post of Kuensel which said the result would be declared at 4:30. My heart felt the whole earth on it. So I drank two glasses of water and impatiently waited the clock to tick 4:30.

When the clock ticked it, I went to BCSEA website. My emotions just at a finger tip, typing my index number in the box was like rubbing the fingers on a blade. It's funny right now, but it wasn't last time when it happened.