The broken dreams of Life,
And sheltered hopes of love
The freshly peed pants!
The love-ly kissed cheeks.

No, no! They weren’t the good times.
But it is right now,
After an unknown rite of passage
In my candle-like short life.

I miss the times being high
When present moments make me low
When friends become fake,
And loves become sake.

The sweat-shed won trophy dusted
Certificates wrinkled meaningless
The heartfelt helped person forgets

And life ends with the forsaken dreams.

I wish to see you all after my BBExam! :) Good Days! 


  1. Very sad post Lungten! Cheer up la! There is always a better time, called now. All the best for your upcoming exams and take care! :)

  2. Wonderfully written on the subject...good and keep going forward lungten...I wish you all the best of luck in your exam and hope to see you coming with cheering result and make you family happy with it...thanks


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