Words To My Perfect Teacher

I saw a piece of paper near a trash! There were some words written! I can't go on without reading it. It was titled "Words To My Perfect Teacher". So...

“Try to be human being not just a teaching machine. Do not touch only a subject, but rather teach us students. Let me feel that you are interested in me as a human being not just a number in your note book.

Do not judge me by the marks I get in my test, but rather by the effort I make. Do not expect me to think of school and studies as the greatest pleasure in life. They are not at least for me. Do not expect me to prefer the subject which you teach. Other subjects may be interested too, and perhaps even more so, at least for me.

Teach me with your smile and make me feel that I'm important too, in this world. Help me to learn, study and judge myself, not just to memorize the ready-made answers. Remember, once upon a time, you were a student yourself. Did you always get good marks in your test? Did you never forget a thing? Are you perfect in anything? Did you never make a mistake?

When a teacher teaches only one subject, how can I be good in all the subjects. It may sometimes even be painful to check my exam paper full of mistakes and incorrect answers, my paper may spoil your temper, you may have expected more from me but you should also understand my situation when I did that paper. 

But one day..."

I hoped he/she continued! 


  1. I have read this sometimes a year ago in a teaching guide published by one of Paro NIE lecturer. Thank you for sharing here - beautiful things must be brought again and again.

    1. Still wondering who wrote it la!
      Anyhow, thanks for the good comment! :)

  2. No matter who wrote it, but you being a student who published this article in your blog made me hear the clear voice of students, Bhutanese in particular.
    I'm glad to follow you


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