A Big Journal

It’s my story of 2009 and 2010, and a little, but memorable incidences that always flashes in my heart. I don’t really know from where I should begin because I can’t really remember the beginning, but let me share from where I messed up…

I went down the beautiful concretes, flowers along. I heard every noise of silence. I heard the knock in my mind. I knew absolutely that the day is meant for hugs and kisses with near and dear ones. Khenyel School, TashiYangtshe, is a place where I have all the roots for who I am today! It’s the place where I had my first best friend, my first lesson, my first classmate, and my first teacher. Leaving this place after 10 lively years would mean a lot to me.

Just the next day, we moved towards Rangjung, Tashigang. Tears came easy, trying hard to survive in this new scenery. New people, new friends, new teachers, and everything new became the hardest challenge. But one good thing I learned is that everything started without any problem. I mean social problems between me and others.

My memories here are immortal. One of them is certainly about a disease (?) I got about a girl. Mentioning her name would be unnecessary. But she made a turning point in my life. I can understand a little bit about what happened between Princess and the Frog, the book I read only for vocabulary and pronunciations, now making me understand a little deeper. So here, I learned that beautiful things in life isn’t taught in school but is felt and experienced at some point.

It’s destined that we are to be here only for a year.

Hearing the name, Zhemgang, has made me curious till I reached here. Everything has changed for the time.

As soon as I entered my class, someone dearly asked my name and village. After 5 minutes, one called me "Wai Sharchokpa", aiming my clan. Doesn't matter, I'm new here, I should take care of my first impression. 

Only by being in this place, I understood about a student going to bar and having a cup of Whiskey hiding from elders. I understood that everyone is after money. But I wasn't sure whether it's the change of place and people or whether I am growing up to understand all this! 

But after everything, what's important is to leave footprints everywhere we write the diary of our life. Wherever you reach, whoever you meet, it's the god's way of making you stronger because inspirations are everywhere! 


About The Author

I'm Lungten Wangchuk. Presently a student of Twelve in Zhemgang Central School. And I won't mind someone trying to correct the mistakes I make on my blog.

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