The Frog Humour

I remember this moralistic humour shared by my Science teacher in 8th grade. And despite it's humourous thing, it has got a satire.

The humour goes:

A student was doing an experiment with a frog aiming "How far the frog can jump". He started with a normal frog. He commands, "JUMP" where the frog jumps 2 metre. Recorded.

Next, the student chopped off 2 legs of the frog and commands, "JUMP", in which the frog jumps 1 metre. Recorded.

Finally, the student chopped down the other two legs of the frog and observes the frog never jumping for how much ever the student commands "JUMP"

So the student concludes, "When the frog is left without any legs, the frog becomes deaf". :)

Moral (I suppose): Sometimes, In Life, you will have reached success, but you will never realize it! So Take Time To Realize! :) Life is a journey, not a destination.


  1. This is interesting... really enjoyed. Share us more!


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