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We spend a decade and a quarter in school. We learn many different things, meet many different people, and learn many things we didn’t know. On the other side is our LIFE. But the big question is that, “Are they of two different things, school and life?” We can never come to an end of the imagination to differentiate these two beautiful things. 

In life, we aren’t allowed to talk to strangers who knock on the door, the strangers who come out of the blue. But school is the place where we talk with every stranger we meet, so that we can make friends. And that’s where, in life, we meet our unforgettable mates who leave a dot in our heart which remains throughout our life. It’s where we make our ever-lasting memories. 

In school, a lesson is learned and the test is taken. But in life, a test is taken and a lesson is learned. It’s in school, where we make mistakes through learning, but in life that we learn through mistakes. School is guided by teachers but life is guided by parents.

We find many dissimilarities but the most important thing always remain what’s inside. If I score 90+ percent in Chemistry, go back home and bark at my parents, what do I do with the 90 percent? Besides, it’s also funny to know an educated man with such character. 

I remember our Geography teacher (Mr. T Wangdi), talking about the importance of character in life despite the education. He is the only teacher I know in my life who always use to take 20 minutes of his period to teach us the value in life. He is the only teacher who says, “I’m a father of two, and a teacher of plenty. I should teach you what life is beside how the earth rotates” He take importance in learning about Life more than the education. Whenever I see him, he never misses a smile on his face. That encourages a student to learn more, besides, it teaches how someone have a impression about you when you are always seen smiling beneath the worries deep inside your heart.

He use to say "A bad student is someone who do naughty things all the time. A better student is the one who is seen with books every-time. And the best and my favorite student is the one who is good in two things: Studies and Naughty things. I like the student who study hard and do a naughty thing simultaneously".

As a Bhutanese saying goes "Mee chi gawi soenam dee, ta ghee bak rung bak me thaey" (The power of loving someone, cannot even be carried by a horse). In Life, Love is considered a power. but in school love is considered a disease, sounds funny?


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I'm Lungten Wangchuk. Presently a student of Twelve in Zhemgang Central School. And I won't mind someone trying to correct the mistakes I make on my blog.

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