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In some part of our life, we realize the memories of moment which occurred in our life, memories which were innocent yet worth a treasure deep inside our heart. Lately, there was a snow fall in the west and my sister Tseten wrote a status, “Snow fall in Thimphu and it is holiday here”.

I watched through the window because it rained outside. All of a sudden, something emotional knocked my heart. Dates back to 2004, the year that I was in my pre-primary class, when our teacher used to ask in a fluent tune, “What’s the weather today?”, we respond back with a very loud, slow and tuned answer, “It is rainy today”.

My daily events of childhood days are to wake up late, brush the teeth for 10 seconds, have breakfast, go to school, shout a tuned answer to my teacher, learn the Alphabets and presume that I have learned the most hardest thing in the world, chase a pretty girl (haha), hide when I see my teacher (I’m honest), come back home, watch a cartoon movie, no worries at all, go to friend’s house, play till I see the stars, think that stars are the lights sent to me by Gods on the way home, thinking what would be the curry in my dinner, talk to my dad about what all I have did with my friends, talk to my mom about how good I was among my friends, talk to my sister a bad thing about a teacher who pulled my ear, get so tired of doing nothing, don’t feel like having dinner but got no option because mother insists, so have dinner, and get to sleep.

Whenever I draw, I used to draw a same thing over and over again. And that's: a range of mountains, with some sort of clouds above it, a sun at the corner of the mountains, one or two houses at the base of mountains and a river along the edge.

I remember asking my dad, “When will I become big like you?” which my dad answered, “When the time is right”.

My dad and I were watching a cartoon movie, The Lion King. In the middle, my dad uttered, “Aii”, which showed that he felt pathetic. I didn’t understand why, so I asked my dad which he answered:

“Our mom never dies. When the time is right, she has to leave the world and turn to a star”


  1. i think i relate to your story....sweet childhood days.......i miss it

  2. Beautiful childhood. I also draw same things like you. Haha... Even we come from different countries, but I think the way we were being taught to draw mountains were all the same :D


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