Humanity As I Know

My dad and I were travelling a journey, a half-day journey, in an Alto car. On the mid-way, we met an old man signaling his hand which indicated that he want to travel in a car. I was expecting my dad to keep on moving but he stopped suddenly. And talked to the man, “Gatey joni Appa?” And that man was also destined to the place where we were travelling. The man seemed like a cheese and butter seller because the car was diffused with that smell in a little while as the man entered.

We reached the destination and the man was so happy. In the return journey, I asked my dad, “Appa, why did you stop for that man when no car stops for him? He even smelled terrible”. Dad smiled and advised, “Dates back to the late 90s, your grandfather was a very poor man who always use to serve the family by selling cheese and butter.
He always wishes for a car to stop for him to go to the market for selling cheese and butter. He struggled greatly to make me who I’m today. So I can’t abide simply moving on seeing a man who stops the car. At least if I can take him in the car, how much can he help his family?”

I was speechless…


  1. service to mankind is service to god....keep writing

  2. Thank you for the inspiration, sir! :)

  3. Very beautiful story. Keep writing Lungten! I believe you have learnt so much from your father. It's priceless experience learned from him.


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