Good Teacher opposed to Kind Teacher

“…writing this article doesn’t imitate at all criticism to any of the teachers…”

I woke up early in the morning with a slight cough and cold. My dilute eyes, runny nose, and drowsy head, made me no atmosphere to head towards school. But believing that I would learn something, or maybe do something, I prepared towards school.

As a student, I have to be in an appropriate uniform whether I am healthy or unwell. So I wore my Gho, put on my socks and laced my shoes. Reaching school, everyone seemed pathetic looking to my feeble face. “Zo atsara bo za zaw zum thom mey sa, Lungten”, one of my funny mate bluffed. From the way he said, I can make out that he’s trying to make me smile. So even if I don’t want to, for the God’s sake, I smiled at him.

Everything went well until the bell rung for Math period. The teacher was solving a problem on the board. “Hey Lungten, where have you lost? Are you in the class? Concentrating? I was observing you from the beginning of the period and you seemed lost”, my math teacher shouted on me. “Yeah miss, I’m concentrating”, I thought. I can’t even tell her that I’m sick because the truth is my face can let somebody see anything about my condition. Rather than her, I was feeling all the guilt about the situation. She broke up the whole period. I was disconsolate by her words…

…“Good afternoon, have your sit”, our Physics teacher declared. As soon as he saw my face, he said, “Lungten, what happened? Sick huh? You can take rest”. I wasn’t surprised by the way he was kind to me, but I was really amazed how easily he can make out my condition. I wasn’t resting, I was listening to him the whole period, and didn’t miss a single word he spoke, understood everything he taught…


About The Author

I'm Lungten Wangchuk. Presently a student of Twelve in Zhemgang Central School. And I won't mind someone trying to correct the mistakes I make on my blog.

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